Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday

Since I’m down with a wicked cold (every year right at Boo’s birthday.  Cosmic joke or my body remembering the nightmare of childbirth, hmmm) It stinks today of all days because Boo is reading the narration for the fairy tale play at school today and I told him I’d go.  I’ll be downing more Tylenol between now and 2 then.  Instead of What Are You Wearing (cause no way am I posting my pj’s) I’m going back to the classic Candid Carrrie’s Photo Friday.  I think I’m going to alternate from now cause I like doing both.  So get a picture and link up over at Candid Carrie’s!
I kinda like her!
 I like her, maybe!
All right, I love her but DON’T make me say it!

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