Bowling Party’s Rock

7th Birthday Party at a Bowling Alley – Success.  
If you want to spend a Sunday afternoon laughing and having fun invite seven 6 and 7 year olds to go bowling.  Really, think about that for a minute.
They were so enthusiastic and excited and darn funny to watch.  Even when they threw the ball into someone else’s lane…twice.  Same kid same lane but oh well.  I think it was the best birthday party we’ve ever had and we didn’t have to bring anything (well we brought goodie bags).  But the bowling alley supplied all the plates and forks and napkins and cups, juice and not one but two cakes!  We didn’t even finish half of one of them.  I’m even thinking we do this again next year.  Boo’s little friends were wonderful and three of the girls stole my heart for their cuteness and enthusiasm.  And these kids can bowl, bumpers or no bumpers these kids know what they are doing.  The kids were great, they had fun and I got to laugh a lot.  I’m thinking maybe I need to have a birthday party this year….
I even was asked if I was Boo’s sister by one of the mothers.  God bless her.  Granted I look younger than my 31 years but really.   How old would that have made Hubby?  Hmmm.
I didn’t post pictures of the other kids faces here so I have more pictures on the Rascals site so scoot over there if you know the code to see the rest 😉

3 thoughts on “Bowling Party’s Rock

  1. I love bowling parties! The kids always seem to have such a great time.Happy 7th birthday! What a great way to spend it. Better yet, what a great way to party … w/o the mess at your house!


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