If You Need Me

I’ll be busy drowning in emails.  Good Golly.  Tamn and Helk everyone.  I started my WritersU class yesterday with Laurie Schnebly (free plug – awesome teacher) on Plotting via Motivation (where we will delve into the psychological reasons why people do what they do and what personalities tell us and how to make those observations into characters).  And without any actual homework just introductions alone…. 96 freakin’ emails.  I woke up and saw the little number 34 on my blackberry and nearly fell over.  Even when I went on vacation for two weeks and hadn’t turned on my bb I didn’t have that many emails.  This class is a month long, I’ll never survive at that email rate.
One night and 96.
I’ve already moved myself to special notices only on the group.  I can’t handle that many emails nor do I want to sort through all that every morning.  I can only imagine what will happen when we go on vacation for eight days (which in case you’re counting is in 15 days!  I’m working on that cruise wear post, I just need to stop wearing the cruise wear long enough so I can post about it.) 
Have you ever been completely overwhelmed with emails?  Let’s have a little contest (and lets make it non work related emails to be fair) tell me the biggest number of emails you’ve gotten in a 24 hour period.  96 is definitely my most ever.
Oh!  Soon you will see a new button on my navi bar up there.  I asked Miss Design Maven (aka Shauna at Designs By Shauna – see button on sidebar) to reword one of the buttons.  I’m going to make it a random place to put lots of things like listings of regular weekly blog postings (like Candid Carries Photo Friday’s or MckMama’s Not Me Monday – which I still need to participate in, I always forget) so that way if you need an idea for a post you can just see what’s on the menu so to speak.  This of course is not a problem for me.  I generally find several things to blog about during the day and then go, ‘Nuts,  I already posted today.’  
Alright, off to do some more writing.  I entered my ms in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest and I have to reword the pitch.  Remember when I said I’d rather write another book than write a query letter/pitch?  Yep, still having that same problem!  

3 thoughts on “If You Need Me

  1. I used to get an average of 150 a day. I’m notoriously bad at responding. I love reading them, but I’d rather pick up the phone and call people. Being a bad responder has dwindled the number to a more manageable 50ish.I love your new design, Andrea. It’s gorgeous.


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