It was bound to happen

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Of course it always happens on a day when I just don’t have time for it.  You may remember back about oh eight months ago or so on the way to school the speed camera got me going 40 in a 30 (kmph).  Today was a little different.
Hubby is on his way to London so I’m on morning school duty this morning and tomorrow (and then again on Monday since Hubby is in Norway for a fun trip to see the Northern Lights).  We leave the house and get to the tunnel.  Woah.  Backed up which sucks as there are only so many ways to get to what I call ‘the other side of the tunnel’.   Our right turn is at the light next to the train stop which backs up and I see a chance to take the cut through a neighborhood (like I used to do when I was doing drop off).  I don’t do this very often.  In fact I usually wait at the light and go around.  
But of course I didn’t do that today.
So I turned right and made the first left at the small street to cut over to the street I need to be on for school.  And as I turn down the street where I made the left I see some guy in a  green reflective vest.  Now it’s a foggy misty morning here not even really daylight yet at 8:10 in the morning.  I’m thinking what the helk is this guy doing?  Get out of my way or my kids gonna be late.
Oh.  Polizei.  S#@’!   He kindly waves me over.  Two kids in the car have gone deathly silent at mommy’s request of “nobody say anything!”  
Driving license and car papers please.
Okay, found license and car papers…where the heck are the car papers (and what on earth do they look like??)  Okay, found.  Handed over to the nice man.  
I’d like to add I have never before this morning been pulled over in my entire life.  Not just my German life but EvEr.  So sweating a bit, getting nervous (cause I know what all you haven’t learned yet).
You are getting a ticket for making the left turn.   It’s not allowed.  (Well, helk it used to be!)
How long have you been living in Germany?  Umm, three years in March (oh no)
You know you are supposed to have German license for driving.  (Faking innocence cause of course I know that.)  Oh, I didn’t know.  I thought my state transferred with Germany. (NJ does but you have to take the first aid class, which we did and then apply for the license which we didn’t do).  
Anyone see where this is going?
Let’s just say I’m feeling pretty slap happy lucky I’ve not been carted off to the local think tank cell.  He must have had mercy on me cause he only fined me the 10 euros for the left turn.  Ran my cc right there gave me my receipt and sent me on my way.
As I pulled up at school my first words were.  “We don’t talk about this morning – ever.  Right kids?”
It remains to be seen if anything will come in the mail about the little license issue.  It was a risk we knowingly took and hey, three years of sneaking by is pretty good.  If I have to re-do the first aid class so be it.  I took it too long ago now to count.  We did it back six months after we moved here when we had MD licenses.  For that we would have had not only to take both written and driving tests but driving school lessons as well.  Hello, I think I know how to drive.  Hence why I am carrying an NJ license (I never want to live in NJ.  The state just doesn’t agree with me or something.) because it translates directly skipping the test stuff.
So have I learned my lesson?  I drove slower than I ever have on the way home.  I’m taking no chances for the next 13 months until we blow this frigid popsicle stand.  If I have to get a German driving license so be it.  But only if you make me.

14 thoughts on “It was bound to happen

  1. Oh that reminds me of the first speeding ticket I got. We had been living in AK for 2 years and I had yet to change from my TN license because I didn’t want to take the driving test! LOL I hope your day gets better!


  2. Sorry that was me. I had an error and I’m really anal about that sort of thing! Here is what I said:I think I might have peed my pant if that had happened to me!! Of course the thought of driving in other countries scares me. Thanks for the comment on my blog; stop by any time!!Oh, and NJ doensn’t agree with me either! Unfortunately my brother lives there so we will be going back, but hopefully no more NJ speeding tix for us!!!!


  3. I remember the first time I got pulled over, I was shaking and I cried without even trying- no gimmick to get out of a ticket… I just couldn’t help it! I’m glad you were given a pass on the license. Apart fromt he extra work involved, why wouldn’t you want a German license. Seems kind of cool to me. :-)I’d be jealous of the trips, too. I desperately want to go EVERYWHERE. Even though we’re no longer adopting from Taiwan, I want to go there now. I read too much and now it calls. I really can’t think of a place I *don’t* want to go. And Tokyo? Northern Lights? Absolutely!!!


  4. I’m amazed this hasn’t happened to me yet. I always forget those pesky German traffic laws! I did get my first picture taken by a traffic camera last night. I feel as though I’ve been initiated!


  5. Ooops! When I was first married I drove on my WA license until just before it expired (about 4 years later) and then got my ID one. Luckily I didn’t get caught. The one time I had gotten pulled over was because I had a headlight out which ironically, I had just 5 minutes ago been to the store to pick up a new one and head home to fix it. 🙂


  6. Ouch. Here in Berlin you would no longer be able to exchange licenses- you have to do it before 6 months (as shown by the visa in your passport) or you are SOL. I hope that you are fine with it. Sorry for the trauma- I would be so freaked I would lose my German.


  7. Norway – He’s going somewhere way way up there at the top where there’s only one flight a day kind of place. He’s going with a group from work and they will likely freeze but seeing something like that will be pretty amazing. Not that I would know since I’m not going…lol


  8. That’s actually pretty awesome that you can pay and get it over with right there. I have no idea how much 10 euros is… probably about $60 to $70 bucks? Sorry about your ticket… I’m just gonna knock on wood right now! I can’t imagine having to take a German driving test or any test for driving in another country… wow. I’d be a serial bicycler if they made me. ha ha=0) sara.sofa


  9. That is so very funny! (sorry) I can only imagine what some of the less-than-honorable cops might do around here if we had the option of paying the fine on the spot. I can see 3 digits easy.


  10. Oh that so seriously stinks! But only 10 Euro’s – AND you got to pay it there? Not bad…We too need to get our licenses here now that we’re driving more. However, it’s SUCH a hassle… form after form after form – bureaucracy at its finest!


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