Friday! It’s Friday!

It’s Friday (well I am cheating a bit.  It’s really only Thursday night at 11:38 but that’s close enough right?) which means there’s a lot going on around here.  Boo’s off from school for teacher training or some such nonsense, Hubby’s headed to Tromso, Norway till Monday so it’s me, Boo and Chick for a rip roaring fun weekend.  Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday and Stuff That Bugs Me are on the menu today.  So sit back, grab a mug of coffee/tea, bottle of beer, can of soda/pop whatever you like to drink while reading blogs and enjoy.
I’m going to start with Stuff That Bugs Me and save the picture post stuff for the end.   The real point of Stuff That Bugs Me has to do with books.  I read a lot and enjoy reading.  I don’t think theres anything better than a hot day, a beach and a book.  That is my idea of heaven (and someone to watch the kids because lets face it the beach with a 2 and 7 year old doesn’t allow for a lot of time reading).  So when I delve into a new book only to find the author hasn’t done their fact checking or I find easy editing errors it annoys me.
I won’t point out specific books because maybe that’s not fair but some of the ones I’ve picked up lately… sorely lacking in facts.
Me, I’m neurotic about getting my facts straight when I write.  Even though it’s fiction.  I’ll give a little example of just how far this sickness goes.  Wednesday night I spent thirty minutes looking into Nashville airport’s flight schedules (available on their website listing every city they fly to/from and the times/days they fly).  All because my ms is set in Nashville and I have to get my character from A to B on a Sunday night at 7.  The place I wanted her to go (New Orleans) doesn’t have a flight at that hour on Sundays.  So why not make it up?  Because I’m simply neurotic that way.  If I were Reader M in Nashville and I was reading LIACC (I don’t give out the title until I get it published, that’d jinx it) and the author said J flew from Nashville to NO on a Sunday night at 7 I would know that was wrong.  And it would put me off the story. So I fact check.
Now for the purpose of my story J has to go on a Sunday night it’s important to the story.  The city she flies to must be fairly large and her having dinner at a country western bar type place is important as well.  Well, that means there are only so many places where all these factors will come together and be true.  Research saves the day.  I found flight x to city D at the appointed day and time I needed it to be.  And so I was happy and continued on my merry little way plotting character J’s life.
I’ve been know to visit and look at houses in my city setting to know the neighborhoods and selling prices of houses.  I google earth places to death to research hotels, neighborhoods, restaurants and places of interest.  I bought a book called Why Men Cheat simply because I wanted to know why my character would cheat (and incidentally I learned quite a bit about the male psyche).  I even sent a questionnaire to my extremely nice blogger/adoption friend when I needed the 411 on my city setting since she lives there.  (Incidentally do people use 411 anymore??  I may be behind the times.)  
Yeah I’m weird when I write.  But I want to be sure what I am telling you happened in my book actually could happen.  And it bugs me to no end when people don’t use correct facts.
On to Candid Carrie’s.
It’s time again boys and girls for Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday!  Link up over at Carrie’s with Mr. Linky.  I’ve seen a lot of random memes on opening the 6th folder of pictures picking the 6th picture.  So I decided to just open one folder and pick something at random.  This is from Disney Paris nearly 2 1/2 years ago.  It’s like the long lens paparazzi shot.  This is Boo and me walking out after riding Autopia.
Incidentally I had a lot of concern (or laughter) over my post titled It Was Bound To Happen  Thanks.  I surprised myself so much that I didn’t cry on the spot.  I mean this super tall German polizei guy is about to bust me for not having the proper license and making the left turn, that kinda did freak me out.  But since he didn’t take away my NJ license or look at my passport/visa or take down anything he just ran my credit card (yes on the spot.  I asked if he took cash.  He said no though.)  So Hubby says I’m good to go.  Let’s hope.
Please take a peek at this STUFF list for Monday – Friday posting ideas.  If you’d like to get your link up let me know!  

11 thoughts on “Friday! It’s Friday!

  1. OH my gosh we must be sisters! Some of that stuff that I know wouldn’t or couldn’t really happen in real life drives me crazy too when I read a book.


  2. OOO, I would love to see Germany. Sorry, I am new to your blog. Are you from there, how did you end up there?? My great grandparents were from there –Walburgers. That’s a great german name / right?You write?? I can’t believe all the talented ladies on these blogs who write book, and many other amazing things. (and yes, I hate it when I see editing errors in a book too..seems weird)


  3. I also can’t stand errors in books, particularly textbooks. I had a class in the Spring that had a crappy textbook. Every single chapter had many typos and other grammatical errors. They charged me for this book.


  4. I think it’s incredibly interesting to hear how things come about when you’re writing a book. I (ignorantly) assumed that all the great stuff comes from imagination…didn’t even think about the fact checking. But you’re right, I’d be distracted if I was reading about something I knew about and the facts were off.


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