I swear I’m not stalking you

Those are fun words to write aren’t they?  But I swear it’s true.  If you keep track of pings or whatever the lingo is (like I would know?) regarding who visits your webpage and how often, I swear I’m not stalking you.  Due to once again having issues with my blog feeder thing I keep being told XYZ has updated their site!  So I click on it and the post is from like January, or even December.  And it’s happening multiple times a day.  But what do I do?  I keep clicking because you might have something interesting to say and I don’t want to miss it.  
But I swear I’m not stalking you.  Now if you’re Complicated Momma (who had to mention Girl Scout Cookies) yes, I am stalking you.  I’m hoping the crumbs from your cookies will magically fall through my computer screen.  I’ve gone three years with no GSC and frankly it’s getting to me.
Bump down past this post for my Economic Survey.  I’m still looking for responses.

(and incidentally if I have to tell my kids to stop growling (yes growling) at each other one more time I may just lose it)

5 thoughts on “I swear I’m not stalking you

  1. I had to comment on the growling… HAHAHA! If we all wrote about some of the more “interesting” things our kids do, no one would believe it anyway.


  2. Ok! I admit it! I’m a blog stalker. I can get lost in the blog world for hours by stalking other blogs. lol We have a couple of growlers here ourselves. 🙂


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