Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama

There was a small issue with the page but it is fixed now, so please won’t you play along today?

Welcome to the very first Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama!  A brand new weekly event on the site I hope you will be willing to jump in and participate in today and every Tuesday.  You can grab your code for my cute little button over to the right. (Thanks Sis for being the first.)

I started Two on Tuesday because in compiling my Daily Inspiration for Posts list I saw that Tuesday didn’t have anything.  How sad!  I mean Monday is always the day after the weekend, it gets plenty of attention (see Not Me Monday’s at MckMamas!).  Wednesday has Hump day after all and several weekly events like Wordful Wednesday at Seven Clown Circus and Wordless Wednesday at Cecily and MamaGeek.  Thursday of course is the day before Friday so it gets a lot of special attention too.  Sometimes Thursday gets treated extra special like a  Friday when a three day weekend is involved.  It is also Thankful Thursday at Grace Alone.  Friday of course is celebrated for being Friday the fun day, the kickoff to the weekend.  It also plays host to Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday, What Are You Wearing? at Tiara’s & Tantrums, and Photostory Friday also hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek.

So that left poor lonely Tuesday.  I had to step in and step up and help little old Tuesday out.  No one wants to be left all alone.  Here’s what we are going to be doing on Tuesdays:

It’s Tuesday!  So that means it’s time for a new game.  I’ll post two questions (or two something, the theme is Two) on Tuesday morning (which for a lot of you is middle of the night Monday).  Answer the two questions I post either on your own site or in the comments.   Afterwards put Two on Tuesday on your own site.  I even made a pretty little button for the event.  Feel free to snag it but make sure to link it back to me so everyone knows you’re participating.  Leave a comment so I can come over and check it all out!  I will link your site in my blog post if you play along.

Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama

Pick three people, alive or dead, that you would most want to invite over for dinner in your home.

I’m posting a picture.  Tell me what you see (be descriptive, create a paragraph)


My answers:

Chevy Chase because he is so funny and I grew up watching his movies.  Not just the Lampoons series but has anyone seen Fletch?  Pure genius.

Claude Monet because I love love love his work.  I’ve been to his former home in Giverny France and it was amazing.  I’d love to know more about him.

Dave Matthews because I’ve seen him three times in concert and I love his music.  A private concert would be worth whipping up any meal he wanted!

A picture description:

The ripe plump deep purple globes, grapes they call them but the end result makes them seem like so much more than ordinary fruit.  As they hang on the vine in summer the warm air that wafts past smells like the juice the fruit contains.  Sweet and soft.  But if I were to remove a grape and put it in my mouth it would not be the heavenly delight I seek, it would be bitter.  At the top of the hill sits a stand to look out over the valley of wine growers below.  The grapevines climb the side of the hill defying the logic of gravity.  Come October I know these hills will be full of laborers clinging to the mountside picking the fruit that will become the wine.  Fresh from the vine in the valley is a stand in front of a small dwelling, both home and shop.  A friendly winegrower sells her vintage out front offering conversation and a taste of her wares to all who pass by.  Who am I to resist such temptation?

So tell me, how would you have answered Two on Tuesday this week?

9 thoughts on “Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama

  1. cool – love the photo – as for the 3 people- off the to of my head – Hilary Clinton (I happen to adore her),Moses (so many questions to ask)andMy father (because he died before I got to know him)


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