Results of Economic Downturn Post

Response Results from my post Economic Downturn: What Are Your Thoughts?

I took bits of some of the comments and I am pasting them below.  You can find my comments at the bottom of the post.

From Rebel in Missouri:

Our grocery prices have gone up a lot, supposedly because of gas prices, which I can understand. Now that the gas prices are down groceries are still up, they now say it is because wages have gone up. I don’t know one person who got a wage increase.

In this country we just need to learn to live with less stuff. We need to relearn the basics and teach our children that havin’ everything you want is NOT essential to your happiness.

Synergy Girl said:

Economy…What economy?  Everyone is affected whether they realize it or not..personally, yes, we have been through his job and obtaining health insurance

Jules at It’s Just Me in N. Minnesota said:

I do wonder if employed people are being “scared” into believing.  I think a lot of people are still fine and are being frightened into this crisis…

Complicated Momma said:

…but the prices of everything going up and the qty in packages going down has definitely made a difference to us…

The whole Economic Crisis is just depressing…I think I need to go eat another Girl Scout Cookie. Haha

Melissa at Multi-Tasking Mama said:

My hubby just got his hours cut from 40-32.  This will be difficult for us but so many of our friends have lost their jobs entirely we are just thankful he still has one.

And, we don’t open out 401k statements right now for fear we would faint.

Vailian (expat) said:

Interest rates were too low over the last 10 years or so, the banks got lazy about checking who was creditworthy, and at the same time got even greedier.

Given the size of the recession, I am fairly lucky, but I am still worried about what will happen to my orchestra in the next couple of years, and of course I worry about job openings for my kids. (God forbid they want to move in here again…)

Brenna said:

As far as postponing, we basically live day to day.  We budget as best we can but don’t make any real long term plans because of the instability.

Alyson at New England Living said:

I’ve felt such a blues over the economy and then when my husband and I looked very closely over the numbers, we aren’t doing all that differently than in a normal economy. The media has definitely had a negative impact on the American psyche.

Irish Gumbo said:

1: Worse.

2: He can help, but it can’t be done by him alone.

3: Laid off last December. Erk.

I found the results of my questions very interesting.  Almost everyone said the crisis had some sort of effect on them personally.  And for others it was someone they knew who was affected.  What I think is that there are a lot of people out there seriously scared and worried about what is going to happen next.  I don’t follow enough of the discussion to have an opinion on the stimulus package and whether it’s good or bad (though I was surprised at the “stop printing money” comments several of you made, I hadn’t expected opposition to it).

As for us personally we know a lot of people who lost their jobs.  With my husbands employer having closed (with very few exceptions) all domestic service in the US, this means if we want to go home in 13 months, there will be no job there for us to go to.  That is an incredibly distressing thought (hubby says stop worrying but I certainly can’t help it).

I feel for every one of you who have lost a job, might lose a job or have a spouse who lost a job.  So many bloggers I read have lost jobs and are out of work.  (Incidentally Clark Kent’s Lunchbox needs input from out of work dads.  Please see the PSA and link in my sidebar for info or click the above link!)  It is very hard to think about all the people struggling in what is supposed to be the ‘greatest country’.   I hope each of you has a redeeming story somewhere down the line.  If you do and if things get better (or worse) please come back and tell me about it.  I’d love to post a “What’s Happened Since” post about all of you who have commented.  I left in the couple of humorous asides in a few of the above comments.  Everyone needs a good laugh.  

Vailian if your kids move back in maybe Complicated Momma can send you some Girl Scout Cookies!

Thank you for sharing your stories with me!

12 thoughts on “Results of Economic Downturn Post

  1. Hey…Mamarrazi sent me over! Nice to meet you! Yes, this bad economy has affected everyone. My husband was out of work for 6 long months, but found a job about 5 months ago. We feel so thankful!


  2. The grocery prices are what are driving me crazy. I’ve cut back spending but what I used to be able to get for $70 costs me more than $100. It’s enraging. And the stockboy confided that he had to keep stocking eggs while I was trying to get a carton b/c he didn’t want to get laid off.


  3. I like how you take the comments from one post in a follow up post.Thank you for your comment. I also have an artichoke spaghetti recipe but I probably won’t post that one so close to the current one.


  4. That was very interesting to hear peoples responses to this crisis. It is real and it is happening. While we’ve not been as personally affected we are strapping the wallet so to speak. I second the grocery prices. Thanks for the topic.


  5. hi! i found you through IRish Gumbo and always enjoy meeting other novelists- especially women who are moms, like me 🙂 and regarding below post, you definitely shouldn’t feel bad about your first rejection! it’s an initiation into the business. and remember, the publishing world is suck right now. it’s harder to get into than ever, so it’s not necessarily a reflection on your writing. i’ll be back!


  6. hi! i found you through IRish Gumbo and always enjoy meeting other novelists- especially women who are moms, like me 🙂 and regarding below post, you definitely shouldn't feel bad about your first rejection! it's an initiation into the business. and remember, the publishing world is suck right now. it's harder to get into than ever, so it's not necessarily a reflection on your writing. i'll be back!


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