Friday Time Again! (And Friday the 13th!)

It’s time to play Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday!  Grab some pictures and link up over at Carrie’s and see who else is playing today.  It’s addictive good fun for everyone!
Some pictures from my random driving the other day, the moon Wednesday morning and of course the Chick!  Too cute or what?  (All text was added at, a highly addictive site!)
And of course I have to tell you about What Are You Wearing? over at Tiara’s & Tantrums!  I haven’t been playing the last few weeks because let’s face it, Ms Tiara looks so stinkin’ good I don’t want to post myself!  So head over and check it out.
Okay okay, after my whole be brave speech on another blog I’ll be brave.  Here I am today (I was trying to inflect spring despite the snow falling outside.)  And excuse the shirt, after only an hour I am already wrinkled.



Favorite Tom Tailor jeans 20 euros from Kaufhof (I’ve blogged that before), shirt from H&M 15 euros, Esprit flats 40 euros.  And Hubby brought me a Norwegian Kroner to add to my Danish Kroner on my necklace that I made.  So the key charm is sandwiched in between the coins on the leather string.
Economic survey results are in yesterdays post and tomorrow will be Reading With Blogging Mama.  So check back for some good recommended reading.  You can click the link for past reading selections.
Happy Friday Everyone!

25 thoughts on “Friday Time Again! (And Friday the 13th!)

  1. How in the heck did you get your photo so darn clear? Every time I try to take mine in the mirror it’s blurry and horrible.Your Gangsta Chick is WAY too cute for words!


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