Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday! over at MckMama’s.  Please click the button below to see who else is playing this week.

Here is what I did not do this week:
I did not say Sugar Honey Ice Tea in front of my two year old when her passport fell behind the big heavy dresser.
I also did not exclaim loudly as to why we have to bring both of her passports even though she’s now a US citizen.  
I didn’t shove way more into the washing machine than was a good idea just so I wouldn’t have to wait through another 2 hour and 15 minute cycle.
I didn’t trip over the open suitcase on the floor 500 times while packing.
I did not leave buying travel size toiletries until the very last minute.
I did not have to go to two grocery stores on Saturday night because the first was literally out of meat.  No chicken, no steak, no nothing.  I am not not kidding.
I did not spend hours on the internet getting my ‘fix’ because soon I’ll be going through internet detox for eight days.
I also did not freak out about that.
I did not figure out how to sneak my blackberry into the diaper bag without anyone seeing it.
I did not stare at the trunk of my car trying to figure out how we were going to fit three suitcases, three backpacks, and a stroller in there.  I did not wonder if the kids could ride on the roof.
I did not spend far too much time making a vacation playlist for my ipod.  I also didn’t find yet another album I’d love to buy.
I did not pack two notebooks, a journal, three pens and two books.
I also did not think at all about throwing up on this cruise.  Because I do not get seasick at all!
Having said all that I am also not thrilled to be going on a non-visiting family vacation (even though my parents will be there) to somewhere warm.  (If you are an expat you’ll understand that visiting family is anything but a vacation.)
I am not thrilled to be spending the next eight days in the presence of Mickey Mouse and Goofy. 
I did not let my son skip three days of school to go on vacation even though he’s on holiday the week after.
I did not purposefully plan this vacation to avoid another year of German Karneval celebrations.
I did not tell all of you all of that either.  Nope, cause it’s Not Me Monday!
So tell me what did you not do this week?

11 thoughts on “Not Me Monday!

  1. You are sooo not going to have fun at all. 🙂 (Shhhh but I bet they have internet access on the ship, I think the parents have emailed me from there before. Just in case you need a quick fix)


  2. Too funny. I’m still so jealous of your fab vacation. And you’re right. Visiting family does not count as a REAL vacation! Have fun. And I’m so adding sugar honey iced tea to my lingo – I stole sugarjets from my BF and that works pretty good too. 😀


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