Two On Tuesday with Blogging Mama

It’s time for Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama.  Thank you to the whole two people who played last week!  If you want to play along please do so either in the comments or on your own site.  You can add my swell button to your blog if you like.  

Two on Tuesday

Here’s how Two on Tuesday works.  On Tuesdays I’ll ask two questions or tell you about two things, the theme is TWO of something.  I hope you’ll want to play along!  Let me know if you link me to your site so I can stop over and say hello (and give you free linky love).

Today’s Two on Tuesday:

Tell me about something you collect.  It can be weird, normal whatever.  What do you collect?  If you don’t collect anything what would you collect if you could?
If you could spend an afternoon talking face to face with one (or two) other blogger(s) who would it be and why?
My answers:  I collect books.  There are books on all four floors of my house.  It’s kind of out of control and somewhere in a storage facility in Baltimore with the rest of my furniture are more books.  My dream would to be locked in a Barnes and Noble overnight.  I definitely miss not having a library nearby as it was one of my favorite places to go in the past.  
If I had extra money I’d also collect Carltonware Walking Cups.  I have no idea why I love them so much but I do.  I have yet to buy one but maybe someday.
The second one I don’t want to answer because I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings if I don’t pick them.  🙂 But if I had to pick someone (forced at gunpoint or something) I’d have to pick Tisra at LifeTrain because she was such a wonderful support during my adoption and she lives in a cool town.  Plus she’s a very gifted artist, be sure to check out her Etsy shop if you stop by.  
I’d also pick Crash at Crash Test Dummies.  She lives in Hawaii and she knows Jack Johnson.  Plus she’s wicked funny.  If you visit her be sure to check out her comment box, that’s where the fun happens.  She hosted a slumber party in her comment box a few weeks ago and it was the wildest, funniest party I’ve ever been too.
So tell me, how would you have answered Two on Tuesday this week?  
Check out these awesome bloggers who are participating!  Thanks everyone! (If I can get enough of you I’ll get a Mr Linky set up in the future.)
First up: C N Heidelberg She collects something pretty interesting!
Debbie collects books too!  And she’d meet everyone if she could.
Valerie (aka my big sis) played along but her blog is private sorry!
Youngblood4ever has some great collections (wahoo!) and some cool bloggers she’d like to meet.
Missty is playing too!

10 thoughts on “Two On Tuesday with Blogging Mama

  1. I’ve never seen those walking cups. Too cute!I collect books too. We are so out of room for any more. But, I know we will still keep buying them.And bloggers – that is so hard. I’d just love to meet anyone on my blogroll. I really would enjoy that.


  2. OK Andrea, I will try and set this up when I get home from work (shhhh, I am checking out blogs as work) but I don’t know if I KNOW how to attach the button thing ….


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