The things we collect: A memo from the management

What do you collect?  Paintings, pictures, figurines; something old, something new?  There are so many things to collect but the things that occupy me the most are thoughts.  I collect thoughts and words.  Sometimes they are words of joy and sorrow, thoughts of loneliness and hope.  There are too many thoughts that want to escape my brain to mention here.

I’ve been lighthearted, grumpy, funny, and sarcastic.  I’ve been thoughtful, thought provoking.  I’ve blogged the trivial, the mundane, the inane and the insane.  My favorite posts have been ones where others have commented that I was funny or thought provoking.  I provided some entertainment value to their day or enhancement to their morning or evening.  This goal is a tough one – to find someone who enjoys what you write.  I am reading a great series of posts on another blog about following and followers and doing it because you enjoy reading what someone else wrote.  Don’t just click my button and follow.  Follow because you want to read what I write and you enjoy reading here.  I spent some time looking through my own blogs that I follow and realized some people I followed way back in the beginning of the “following” for no real reason.  I’ve realized I should follow you if I want to read you.  So I took myself off some lists because there was no need for me to be there. If I lose a few people that’s okay.  I really do only want to have people here who want to be here.  Likewise if I follow you I usually comment as time allows.  Not every time or maybe not even every week but I do read.  For me a lot depends on when you post, if you’re posting early morning here or afternoon that’s when I’m online, so I tend to comment more often then.  I try to make my comments thoughtful and interesting.

For me there is no greater compliment than being told that what I have written made someone laugh or think.  I want to do more of that.  Perhaps that will move this blog beyond it’s original purpose of three years ago when I created it.  I created this blog (and it’s former incarnation SAHMinBonn) as a way to document our journey across the ocean to a land unknown and to let family know we didn’t perish in the process.

It has become my place to connect, to understand, to learn, to laugh, to feel less alone in this sometimes very lonely expatriate life.  It is my place to express thoughts, and myself, even when both are crazy.  I’ve enjoyed putting it all out there for others to read.  I found amazing support during our move, our adoption that took pretty much every bit of faith out of me, two hospital stays for Boo and many various issues including weird trash collection rules, support for problems with schools and teachers and being robbed the first night in our new neighborhood.  You’ve helped me up when I’ve fallen down (without laughing at me too much) and often told me ‘this too shall pass’.  

Without you, the readers, there would be no Blogging Mama.  I thank you for stopping by, saying hello and sharing my day.  I’ll be sure to catch an extra ray of sun tomorrow for you and build a sandcastle in your honor.

You’ll find a few scheduled posts popping up here while I am off lazing around in the sun sipping ice tea or screaming my lungs out on Space Mountain (hopefully Boo will be willing to hold my hand). 

Please stop by a favored blog today and tell them just how much you’ve enjoyed reading their words.  And hey, see that little thing over there on the right called ‘Some Fascinating People Follow This Blog’ ?  Some truly fascinating people do read here and I appreciate it.  Pop over and check them out, you won’t be sorry you did.  If you’re a lurker, leave a note in the comments.  I always enjoy meeting new people.  I do read all the comments and I do my best to stop by and say hi within a few days.  I’m back to being connected on or about the 26th, so I hope everyone has a great week!

12 thoughts on “The things we collect: A memo from the management

  1. I follow when the blog inspires me. I know what you mean. I’m hanging with you because I like what you write. And have a blast on vacation. Take lots of pix (that’s coming for a photoholic). 🙂


  2. Hope that you have an AWESOME trip….and I really agree with what you wrote in this blog…I follow people because I like to see what they write sometimes it helps bring a smile to my face or helps you to realize that things arent so bad in your own life. Sometimes you can reach out to one another and just help each other get thru what they are going thru!!!


  3. Adorable photos!Good morning sistas! It’s one day until Friday!I’m sponsoring a Mardi Gras contest on my blog. Lots of fun cupcake prizes. Grand Prize: Juicy Couture Pink Cupcake necklace.Zen Cupcake February 17, 2009: Mardi Gras Giveaway!Make it a great day!


  4. I’ve totally been on hiatus from the blogging world. Looking forward to catching up on your posts!Loved this post. It’s true. The whole following thing has become a popularity contest and really it should be used as a tool to make it easier for our readers to know when we’ve written. I only want people at my blog that really enjoy being there too.


  5. So true, so true. I enjoy reading your blog…I may not always comment, but I am reading…is that wrong?Enjoy your trip…hope you have nice sunny weather!! It has been a little chilly here (by our standards), but you’ve been in Germany so it may be nice a toasty for you!


  6. Hope ya get sunburned. Actually, I don’t. It’s just my turn to be jealous of your escape to the sun from The Land of Crappy Weather.Have a fantastic time!


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