Disney Rocks – the short version


Disney Wonder Ship and Disney World have got to be the happiest most wonderful places on the planet.  Never have I seen such smiles on my kids faces.  The bare details are below in the form of a few of the over 350 pictures we took in the last seven days.  

I also seem to have inherited a bit of an internal sway in the past week thanks to living on a large moving vessel for several days, though thankfully no throwing up occurred.  At first not being able to walk down the hallway in a straight line was amusing, charming.  The second day the kids thought mommy was pretty funny when she sat at the dinner table swaying side to side completely sober.  But now?  I’m still swaying anytime I’m in an enclosed small or dark room. Or sitting here typing this.  So, as soon as I can get the house to stop moving, I’ll be back. 
Click the image for a larger view and soon a link to more Disney pictures than you ever possibly wanted to see.
I’ll miss seeing all these guys around every bend, always incredibly willing to stop and spend a few minutes with me (or my kids)
I miss my 3 pm chicken strips snack (in addition to my regular three squares a day on the ship).
Getting a tattoo with my seven year old (temporary ones of course!)
The warm sunny weather (back to dreary rainy Germany)


14 thoughts on “Disney Rocks – the short version

  1. Wasn’t it the best trip!!! We so LOVED our Disney cruise and WDW vacation!! ANd the swaying will stop in another day or two. lol I always feel it for about 3 -4 days after. Take some dramimine. Ah, I miss that water, incredible!! Can’t wait to see all 350 photos!! lol


  2. Fabuloso pictures! And only 350 in seven days? I think I took 900 on our last vacation week :-)And the picture with Tink – I have never seen her as a character to meet and greet before. Too cool!


  3. looks like a fantastic trip – I have heard those cruises are AMAZING!!!!!! I can NOT do cruises though – I barf the entire way out to sea and back – and then the swaying – I can’t take it!


  4. Wait! Are you still in Florida? I can’t believe we could have had a little Taiwan adoption gathering at Disney! wasn’t the weather perfect?! e-mail me if you guys are still in the area because we would love to see you. And regarding the e-3….we haven’t flown with it…usually just take our Mac but I think it is do-able. We have gotten so much mileage out of the E3…big initial investment but so worth it! Glad you guys had a magical time!


  5. What a great bunch of photos ——that beach , are you kidding me!! awesome. I love the on of you looking out the train..subway..whatever it is—-Your really BIG car?


  6. What a great bunch of photos ——that beach , are you kidding me!! awesome. I love the on of you looking out the train..subway..whatever it is—-Your really BIG car?


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