Is it Friday?

I hate to say I am in a time warp but I am.  That’s the hardest part about coming back from a vacation, especially when there is a 6 hour time difference involved.  I get completely lost on what day it is.  
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But it is Friday.  And of course that means… Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday!  And What Are You Wearing? at Tiara’s and Tantrums.  Pull up a chair and link up everyone for some Friday fun.
Today I’m going Pirate!  For Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday I give you the Pirate themed rooms at the Disney World Caribbean Beach Resort (Trinidad South building).  It was amazing right down to the carpet that looked like planks of a ship deck.  Even the shower had the Flying Dutchman Ship carved into the wall.  The pirate beds were a huge hit with the kids and me.  It didn’t cost any extra but you do have to specify that you want to stay in a pirate themed room.

This shirt was something I found in Nassau and could not resist.  It’s not my normal type of shirt but really, who wouldn’t like it?  My daughter may not come near my with her Pirate fear (though she rode on Pirates of the Caribbean with no problems) but it’s on the back so she might not be too upset.  I am not actually wearing it today because it’s about 35 degrees and it’s short sleeved but I just had to share.
Arg Matey’s!  Have a wonderful Friday!

19 thoughts on “Is it Friday?

  1. That shirt is hilariously awesome! :-)I’m so excited that we’ll get to do Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland in March. Eeeek! One of my favorite rides!You sound like you had a fabulous time. Although, you do have me worried about the swaying. I’ve never been on a cruise. I get really sea sick, but everyone just tells me that you “don’t notice” on the big ships. Honestly, it’s been more about cost that we haven’t gone- but now I’m a little worried. Should I be?


  2. love it, Andrea!We have a pirate room for our boys at our cottage-boys and pirates are a great mix. I need your shirt, btw.I just realized you are in Germany-how neat is that. If you are in the military, I visited my cousin when he was stationed there, outside of Frankfurt…


  3. Love the updates, I am behind as usual…came home with a bit of a bug and I am just now starting to feel better…and I need the room to stop moving too! I always notice the movement way more off the ship then I do on the ship! It was so fun meeting you and seeing your sweet kids up close and in real life! As I sit here with Pirate Maya on my lap trying to type she is saying Hey! that’s my Taiwan Biranda! I love Biranda can we go see her? I want to go swimming with Biranda…. so so so glad they got to know each other a little bit even if they were shy.Love the Pirate room, Jake and Maya would have been in Pirate heaven! Pirates was one of Maya’s favorite rides, she arrrgh-ed and ahoy matey-ed thru the whole thing!Have a great day and good luck with the swaying and jetlag.Hugs,Janalee


  4. Yelli – hehe my evil plan worked!Tisra – I left you comments on your blog but for me the motion sickness queen, I didn’t even feel like getting sick once. The swaying however has finally stopped (thank goodness!)Tiara’s – Yep, Nassau (Paradise Island it says on the shirt. The store was something like Piranha Joe’s?) They had so many great shirts to choose from.Ruby – Nope, not military (wish someone would give me a dollar or euro for every time people ask though, lol!) Hubby works for DHL (owned by Deutsche Post the German post office. Their headquarters are here.)Janalee – It truly was the highlight of my trip meeting you and your family. I’m going to write up the story and post it here over the weekend. I sent you an email regarding posting pictures and such and I will try to get copies of pics to you over the weekend too. By the way – we are in love with Pirate Maya!All who commented about the shirt – It’s my best souvenir other than the Pirate Mickey I got!


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