Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama

It’s Tuesday so it’s time for another addition of Two on Tuesday!  ToT will be on hiatus next week while I’m gone.  I want to thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts for my mom and my family. They really mean a lot.  I debated posting today’s event but I tend to write them a few days in advance and I just happened to have a theme this week sort of about bravery.  It’s fitting.
So even though there’s a lot of bad going on around here, this week is about being brave so keep going right?  
Here’s how it works, on Tuesday I post two questions, two thoughts, two of something.  I encourage you to add your own ‘two’ in the comments or on your own site.  If you add it to your site please link back to me, feel free to snag the nifty button below and please leave a comment so I can stop by and check it out!

Two on Tuesday

1. This week I am going for the theme of brave.  I got the first idea and then I saw something similar on another bloggers site (Ruby Red Slippers).  Show me a picture (or describe it if you just want to comment) the messiest room or part of your house.  I’m using it as a jumping off point to attempt to humiliate myself into cleaning (hopefully it’ll work).  Be brave!
2. What’s the one thing you wish you weren’t afraid to do?  It can be anything big or small but tell me about something you’ve always wanted to do or accomplish but have been afraid for whatever reason to do it.
My Answers:
For me, this is going to be bad.  It was a toss up whether to take a picture of the kitchen table which is a disaster or my desk, which at this moment is also a disaster.  The desk won since it is largely only my stuff (though I don’t know why everyone else’s stuff seems to magically appear on my desk or the ‘family’ related stuff seems to be my problem and should therefore live on my desk).  So here it is it’s absolutely embarrassing current state.
Desk Disaster
On one side a bag of chocolate waiting to be mailed along with the rest of my swap package, the book I’m reading, Chick’s snack dish, my manuscripts in binders, research materials and more books buried under papers, my Pirate Mickey plush and Pirate Goofy ears, Chick’s Taiwan passport (really need to put that back), various scraps of paper where I’ve no doubt written down lots of really important info, my 10 euro ticket from my famous run in with the polizei. My morning coffee cup, a small candy cup, my cell phone, notebook, Disney photo and likely a bit o’dust thrown in for fun.  I’ll clean it but it’ll likely be in a state again in no time!
The one thing I’d love to do but am way too afraid to try is parasailing.  It sounds fun and looks fun but I don’t know if I’d really enjoy being all the way up there with no control over it.  I used to like going tubing behind my parents boat as a kid when they had a little one.  But now, that’s really scary for me.  I don’t even like playing on their jetski anymore.  I also never used to be freaked out by heights but the thought of getting on a ski lift (something I’ve been doing since I was 5, although it’s been 8 years since the last time) makes me nervous.  Why is it the older I get the more scared I get?  I’d have thought it’d work the opposite way.  Older wiser and more willing to try to be young.  It hasn’t turned out that way though.  I get more afraid the older I get.
So how would you have answered Two on Tuesday this week?  (And just for Wendy at No Botox Allowed I’m leaving this post up for a bit extra this time so she can participate 😉

9 thoughts on “Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama

  1. The messiest room in my house would be my very own bedroom for some unknown reason it has become the spot that if no one knows where to put something it ends up in my room. I guess because no one really goes in there other then me and my bf….so this week-end its going to be full of LETS CLEAN this mess so I can reclaim my bedroom!!!! As far as something Im afraid of doing..I suffer from major anxiety so Im afraid of doing alot of things especially alone and there is no one in this world that wishes that I didnt have to deal with this more than me!!!


  2. ToT is a fun concept. Ok, to answer the questions.1. Hands down – the girls’ bedroom but we are working on that with daily chores. Of course there is my wife’s side of the closet, but I can’t go there – literally!2. Afraid to do? Hmm? Cliff diving doesn’t sound that great. Acting – although I’ve done a little of it – is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, kind of like para-sailing (which you totally have to do)


  3. I think the older we get, the more aware we are of danger. Kids just don’t seem to realize that it totally is possible to fall to your death from a ski lift. Also, I think your sense of balance changes as you get older… the things that were fun like tubing become scarily disorienting as an adult. Found that out the hard way one summer going down a waterslide that I’d once loved as a kid.Anyway… so sorry to hear about your mom. Sending both of you bloggy wishes.Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. I think besides being aware of danger, being older and not taking a flying leap is self-preservation… we know how long it takes to heal and how badly it'll hurt if something goes crunch. Messy Room: ah ha… the whole house. I'm a neat freak & that just gets put waaaay aside with kids. I'd probably pick the kitchen counter where anything and everything gets placed.Afraid to do: Well I know I'm scared of scorpion bites and being shocked with a taser, but as to what I want to do…. don't know… just need money & someone to watch the kids & I'm game. Okay, I'm scared to dive into an underwater cave and accidentally get lost and not find a way out. That counts, right?=0) sara


  5. My house is kind of a disaster zone at the moment. If I spent one good day on it, it would be great. So why don’t I do that?I’m afraid to get a job. It’s been so long that it’s way out of my comfort zone. I just want to stay home in my little protected bubble.I hope everything is ok with your mom. My mom is a survivor and I hope yours will be too! She’ll be in my prayers and thoughts, as will you!


  6. Ah, Thanks Andrea — you are getting to know me well and how I am slow sometimes to getting to these blogs. But – btw, I have been thinking of you and your mom so lol there.The messiest room of my house is —well, it is only me and hubby so we don’t really have messes. Perhaps the room downstairs where I store all the grandkids toys, our weight bench is there and it is generally a disaster.What am I afraid to do but wish I WOULD do—-I want to go in a hot air balloon, but the thought of up there in the sky – with just this balloon holding me up is a little frightening. I’d do the whole “link” thing, but seriously, I don’t know how. Lots of people on their blogs say “link onto this” or “grab a button”—WHAT –I’ll have to get my daughter in law over (genius that she is) and have her explain it to me.take care!!!


  7. The messiest room…mine!! I actually sleep on the couch! (easier because I fall asleep to the TV..awful i know) so my bed holds all the stuff I just have not gotten to yet !I move soon..will sleep in my bed! I am sure!what do i wish i was not afraid to do?? hmmm…. sing in front of people! I can’t sing well! BUT I wish I did not care!! 🙂


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