Album Cover Meme and Some Cool Awards

I heard about this great meme courtesy of Captain Dumbass at Us and Them, who linked it to Robin at Cinnamon and Honey.  And really, I love a good fun meme.  Visit Robin and get instructions to make your very own album cover.  And then visit Captain because he’s funny, I mean really, if someone’s willing to call themselves Captain Dumbass, there’s humor there for sure.   
Here’s what I came up with:
I did not take that picture.  As much as I wish I could claim it, it came from this Flickr album
Hope they don’t mind!
I was handed two super awesome awards from Kacey at Chronicles of a Mommy.  Aww, thank you.  I love your blog and your courage with three kiddos two and under (wait your guy had a b-day so that’s three and under right?) and you always have the greatest ideas for decorating!  Please, please, please come and decorate my house when I move next year, okay?
The awards do come with rules, like everything though.  First the pretty things I now get to display:

And now I have to tell you ten honest things about me.  And then pass it on to ten other people. So with a lot of thinking, here you go.  
Ten Honest things About Me:
1.  I have a psycho dream about snakes invading my childhood home about every three months. In this dream I also climb a huge ladder that has a slide that launches me off a water tower.  I always wake up before the thud of impact and I’ve had this dream since I was five.  I was told if you die in a dream you die.  Good thing I wake up then, huh?
2.  I absolutely, positively hate needles.  If I get my blood drawn I have to lay down or I faint.  And yet Miami Ink is one of my favorite shows (and I’m really going to get a tattoo, maybe even this summer!  eek!  I really just wanna be like Kacey 😉
3.  I spent three hours wandering around a Chico’s store in a prom dress when I was 22 as a modeling gig (unpaid) to get experience.  My talent coach or agency or whatever said it’d be a good resume builder.  All it was was embarrassing.
4.  I’m addicted to junk food.  I bring the following into the house: fudge covered oreos, chocolate, ice cream and yet I usually eat a cookie or two and that’s it.  Then my husband feels obligated to eat what’s still sitting there a week later.  Good system huh? 
5.  I almost drowned on 7th birthday.  I remember it really clearly.  I sat in a lawn chair on the dock at the lake (alone, everyone else was either skiing or in the cabin) and I leaned over to pet the dog and fell straight in.  I don’t remember how long I thrashed about but someone finally heard me and pulled me out.  I was most ticked for losing my favorite jelly shoes in the lake.  I am still to this day over 20 years later afraid to sit in a lawn chair on a dock even though I can swim.  
6.  For some reason I can do an awesome southern accent.  And I’ve never lived in the south. Quirky and just what you wanted to know right?
This is getting harder.
7.  I’ve had a lot of jobs: nanny (many times), preschool teacher, daycare aide, accounts payable, administrative assistant, tax cost processor (doesn’t that sound like fun?), car sales person (odd because I’m shy but I was actually very good at that one), freelance writer and a mom.  I hold half a degree in marketing but most of my jobs have either involved kids or stocks and commodities companies and I really enjoyed the environment.
8.  I love the beach.  I would live on a beach, in a beach, with a beach.  Doesn’t matter.  Me and water and a beach and I’m as happy as I get.  (Good thing my parents live within spitting distance of a beach and a lake.)
9.  I’m lactose intolerant but my favorite foods are cheese and ice cream.  Nice huh?
10.  I’ve developed a recent obsession with butterflies in the past 6 or 7 months.  I’ve written three pieces involving butterflies, had my blog redone with a butterfly and wear a silver butterfly charm necklace everyday.  It stemmed from a character I wrote about who had a butterfly tattoo on her hip.  Can you guess what I’ll get if I do number two on the list?
Okay, that was way more than anyone ever wanted to know so thank goodness Kacey didn’t tag me for that Facebook 25 things meme.  Now I have to pick ten of you, which I hate doing.  But here they are:  Some may already have this  but forget it.  I’m not coming up with NEW people.
Rightonmom at Divinely Written
Valerie (aka my Sis) at {Private Blog}
And the tenth goes to any of my guy readers.  I seriously didn’t want to tag any of you (though I’d love to hear your ten things) because I don’t know if guys do the award/meme thing.  So if you are willing to do it, consider the award yours.
 (Auto starting music on a blog, yea or no?)  

14 thoughts on “Album Cover Meme and Some Cool Awards

  1. I so love your blog. It has the coolest vibe. I loved reading your ten honest things too. I was also a nanny (many times) and a pre school teacher, but a CAR SALESMAN??? WOW, girlfriend! You got nerve. That it totally weird about your recurring dream. I have house and water dreams all the time. And just a few nights ago I had a snake dream too. Snakes in my bedroom. My husband kept making me catch them before they crawled into the attic. ewww, they were everywhere. SO,THANKS for tag. Since you know I love tags almost as much as I love honesty. hee hee I can’t imagine having to do both at once. LY


  2. Get the tattoo! You will feel so great afterward, and even though everyone says that they’re addictive and you can’t stop at one…well I’ve had just one for 11 years and I still love it.Also, it doesn’t feel like a needle, really. Hurts, YES, but not like a needle. At least not for me…


  3. You CRACK ME UP! Thanks for doing your 10 things even though you HATED it. HA! HA! They were all really good! And the tattoo on the hip – that is a good one. I wish I would have gotten a butterfly but I may still work 3 in around what I already I have. I’m crazy! Woa!They have memes on Facebook? UGH. Chalk up another thing I’m not digging about FB. LOL My whole post is about it today. Ha!


  4. love this – and I heart junk food too – BUT at 41 – it is so catching up with me!!I loved music on my blog or others – it totally NEVER bothered me – then I asked- people do not like it. I miss mine


  5. Those were fun! I say, get the tat; I got mine last summer after many years of wanting one and am very glad I did. Isn’t it funny that in #5 you only cared about your shoes?! Bet your parents freaked!!OK, I shall do my best. Thanks so much, and yay on the tunes! Love Sherl Crow!


  6. OK sweety – I’ll do this tomorrow. 10 honest things???? this will be hard.I am glad you didn’t drown and and I too love the beach and butterflies.


  7. Your album cover came out nice. Get over #2 and get on to #10. While tattooing does involve a needle, the pain doesn’t feel like a needle. Oh wait, I’m supposed to tell you that it doesn’t hurt that much or that it’s not so bad after awhile… ya, that’s BS. My last one took 25 hours, it didn’t get any better. Still, it doesn’t feel like a needle, and you don’t have to watch. That probably didn’t help, did it.


  8. Funny, I lived in the South…but I’ve never been to India — and I can talk like an East Indian like nobody’s business. lol. (No offense to anyone out there intended. I LOVE the Indian Culture and food!!!)My hubby calls me a Beach-Obsessive. I watch “Florida’s Top 10 Beaches” on the travel channel everytime it’s on (have seen it 100 times lol). I try to plan my vacation so I’m always on a beach on my birthday (june 20th)…(this year it’ll have to be a lake beach or near a beach poster lol with baby coming). If I could, I’d live right at the beach and spend every single day there.


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