Writing Workshop

I saw this over at Nut in a Nutshell and it sounded like fun.  It’s from Mama’s Losin’ It

Choose a prompt and then write about it.  So I chose:
I went to fix something and what I previously wrote went poof so trying again.

Describe a memorable camping experience
I’ve got lots of those!  My favorite is when we went camping with the B’s and we were all roasting marshmallows around the campfire.  The B’s (from my dad’s work) had three kids with them.  J, G and E.  It was a nice night on Lake Roosevelt and we’d all had a hard day swimming, boating and generally goofing off.  Just as kids do.  The B’s had brought cherries, Washington State Rainer Cherries, yummy!  I didn’t have any and after what went on that night I am so glad I didn’t!  All of us kids ate and ate marshmallows until we felt nice and sick.  The B’s kids also ate cherries.  At the end of the night they went to their camp and we went to ours and I went to sleep.  But it turns out during the night all the B’s were sick vomiting from all the cherries they’d eaten.  I was probably 8 or 9 years old so this delighted me (in secret of course).  I didn’t get sick, I didn’t eat any cherries.
The next day on the little camp playground they had one of those merry go round things?  You push it around and around while clinging to it for dear life (probably against the law now for safety reasons as all my good childhood things are) but from that moment we invented some wonderful words for vomiting.  I give you the following which still get used today in my house (and likely my sisters as well).
Blow Chunks
Ralph Chunks
Up Chuck
Of course always preceded by the phrase “I’m gonna”.
Ah yes, wonderful memories…
Wanna play?  Head over to Mama’s Losing It pick a prompt and play along then link up!

13 thoughts on “Writing Workshop

  1. too funny – you meanie (just kidding)this past summer we were on vacation in Michigan and we saw one of those old slides, merry-go-rounds actually the entire playground was reminiscent of my old school playground


  2. Oh my gosh I soo remember that! Actually I don’t remember that they ate all those cherries but I do remember playing on the merry go round. I loved Lake Roosevelt and camping! Fond memories.


  3. I’m glad you didn’t eat those cherries too but as a child, I’m sure I would have gotten some secret enjoyment from everyone else being sick also. ;)Blow chunks….lol


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