A Virtual GNO Virgin

So, I am trying to stay awake to watch Numb3rs which comes on here at 11pm (one hour to go wahoo!) and I came across this fun Virtual Girls Night Out.  Robin at Cinnamon and Honey (thee of the album cover meme) had the link on her site and I couldn’t resist popping over to Ann Again…and Again! to see what it was about.
Here’s a description from her site about the VGNO! 

This is our Virtual Girls Night Out (boys welcome too). Our social party without having to get out of our footie p.j.’s. We’re here to blog-hop and play. The Virtual GNO is your chance to hang out with blog friends and hopefully make some new friends as well!

Now what about that doesn’t sound like fun?  So come on over and find out what going on, there’s even a really cool prize involved, a drink recipe and music.  And part of the rules say I need to tell you what I think of women – in one word.  I have to use a W (again according to the rules).  

Women are Witty!

I hope to see everyone linky up for a good night!

20 thoughts on “A Virtual GNO Virgin

  1. Here was my answer for the letter M…Mooli: a large white radish (some days i feel like that)Morate: a salt of moric acid (mom’s can bring the venom sometimes too)ok how about this one,Mutifarious: having many aspects!Yup that last one world perfect :)i’m trying out the VGNO *cheers*


  2. There’s that whole “link” thing again SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO THIS. (email me)?? I need genius daughter in law over to my house for a lesson.VGNO—sounds fun.Witty———-good one Andrea.


  3. Ah, Vailian! Guys are allowed to join in! Every Friday :)Wendy – I’ll email you and try to help you out!Loved this GNO ladies. I’ll be signing up again in two weeks for sure.


  4. I gave you a Triple Award over at my blog…I know you’re away, and having a tough time now. Thinking of you…come visit whenever you have a chance. Hope you’re doing okay *hugs*


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