Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday & What Are You Wearing? Disney Edition

Friday Friday Friday!  My favorite day of the week.  Today I am playing over at Candid Carrie’s so after you take a look here head over there and see who else is playing today!

Song for today Better Together by Jack Johnson click the iPod on the side to hear it.

This set of pictures is related to the story I wanted to tell about meeting another adoptive family in Disney who have a daughter from the same orphanage as Chick.  I thought Photo Friday was the perfect time to share.
In April of 2006, two months after moving to Germany, I joined a Yahoo adoption group for families adopting from Taiwan.  It held a great group of people without whom I would not have made it through our adoption.  One of those people was Janalee.  She was waiting to bring home Miss Maya, a cute little Taiwanese Princess.  We had not been matched yet and continued to wait while I talked with the people on the group and made friends.  In August Janalee and her husband left their four boys in California and flew to Taiwan to get Maya.  While they were there they saw a cute little baby and Janalee snapped a picture or two of her.  They flew home and started working their way towards settling their little girl into the family.

In December of 2006, two days after Christmas we got the email that changed our lives.  Our little girl, Miss Sih-Syuan.  We were on vacation at the time but as soon as I got home I quickly shared her photo with my adoption group and lo and behold Janalee said she’d seen her since she came from the same orphanage as Maya.  Indeed Chick was the same child she had photographed back in August.
Janalee shared the pictures with us and from then on we had a kind of bond.  During the ensuing 8 long months of waiting, Chick’s first birthday came and went with no news of even having entered the court system to have our case heard.  A package arrived the week of Chick’s birthday from Janalee.  There inside the box was everything we’d need to decorate her first birthday cake, toys, even items for Boo too.  The most special was a figurine of a mother and child, which resides on Chick’s dresser now.  Her kindness in her words to me and sending me that box, simply overwhelms me.  It did then and it does now.  Janalee’s kids are so lucky to have her as their mom.
Fast forward a few months we get Chick in August 2007.  Fast forward again to about October 08.  On the adoption group I happened to ask a question about passports and adoption papers and if anyone had run into trouble on a cruise since Chick is legally our child (adoption is final) but because of not living in the US her name is still her Chinese name for now.  (Though we don’t call her that.  Her name is MK.)  
It came about that Janalee and family, in California, where also going on a Disney cruise.  Well! What days?  Oh My Word.  Us too.  Same days, same deck of the ship.  We each had not told our kids intending it as a Christmas present.
Day two of being on the ship I was still trying to find Janalee.  I’d been to the ship info center and they dialed me to her room where I’d left a message.  I didn’t want to leave this ship without meeting her.  That afternoon as I was having my chicken strips snack by the pool I heard my name and turned.  
There was Janalee!  We hugged forever and it felt like someone I hadn’t seen in a long time even though we’d never actually met.  She got to meet Chick and after a few minutes she went down to get Maya who was taking a nap.  Maya is a beautiful, sweet little girl I just adored from the second I saw her.  The girls played in the toddler splash zone while we talked and I met her husband and one of her boys.  It turned out we had the same dinner seating as well so we saw them at dinner that night and the next.  We also all went to see a show in the theater at the same time.

The following night after dinner we had this picture taken.  I think it was the highlight of my trip.  I’ve never met another adoptive parent with a child from the same place as me.  Being that Janalee was so supportive during our wait it made meeting her and Maya so special for me.   I hope in the future we can make it to California or they can come visit us wherever we end up next year.  I would love to have the girls continue to be able to see each other.  Maya is six months older than Chick but to see them together was really something so special I’ll never forget it.
Alright that’s enough sentimental stuff for today.  Make sure to head over to Candid Carrie’s and check out who else is playing!
It’s also What Are You Wearing? Friday at Tiaras & Tantrums.  I’m am unfortunately wearing something I am not so happy with.  I got a sassy new haircut while on vacation that I am loving.  But I noticed a bit too much gray on vacation as well and so the other night I decided to fix that. Myself.  So now I am sporting a sassy new AUBURN head of hair.  The lesson:  leave well enough alone!

19 thoughts on “Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday & What Are You Wearing? Disney Edition

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story! It made me cry to think that the two of you had been through so much and finally were able to meet IRL. You deo share a special bond!Love the new hair cut too!


  2. come over from “American in Norway” web site, wanted to say HI. What a great story! one of my dear friends has an adopted daughter from China, i adore that little girl!! I am so glad you all met up and had a good time :)hope you have a good Friday!


  3. Hey there!What a great post. I had so much fun meeting you and chick (and Boo and Hubby and Grand ma and pa)it was one of the highlights of my vacation as well. You got some great shots, mine did not turn out that great, but I have them and that is what matters! Been going full steam with recovering from vacation, house remodel and all the catch up with the kids, but I hope to post on my blog over the weekend. When do you head to your mom’s? I am praying for you and especially for her. Still so hard to believe. Thanks again for the post, I will never forget meeting you and hope to do it again sometime in the future…you know, northern Cali is a great place to land…or visit, as soon as I have my house back you have a standing invite! You actually have a standing invite anytime, but you might not enjoy sleeping in sawdust! Maya says hi to chickadee.Love you guys,Janalee


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