A Ping Pong Ball

So I am pinging away to Idaho this morning.  Time to as Stephanie of the Sassy Pants said: Cancer!  Kick It In The Ass!  I’ll be teaching mom that one.  Thanks, Sassy!  I have yet to really even get over jet-lag from being in Florida and it’s going to start all over again.  I feel a bit like a ping pong ball.  I am hoping not to come down with some weird flu or wicked cold while I am gone (or really when I get back either).  It’ going to be a dashing high of 31 the whole week I’m there.  Oh goody.  But in retrospect with all the snow the scenery of mountainous Northern Idaho is breathtaking so I’ll try to sneak in some pictures to share.
Past trips include these sights:
I will say I am looking forward to the three flights to reach my destination.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  The first and last I’d love to skip since they will be on those itty bitty propellor type planes that should be illegal but aren’t.  The middle flight on the nice big jumbo jet, even crammed in coach in the middle seat is okay.  I won’t have Boo to take to the potty or Chick’s diaper to change or wrestle with a carseat or have to carry around 500 extra pounds of useless stuff in my bag that they won’t play with or eat anyway.  It’ll be me, my ipod, my notebook and 10 hours.  Ahh, heaven.
Motherhood warps your mind when you start looking forward to 10 hour flights alone.
I’m going to meet up with my high school friend M too and we plan to stuff ourselves silly at Dockside with their HUGE gooey Butterfinger Hot Fudge Sundaes and talk about LIFE.  Yum. That will be nice as well.  And of course stocking up on all the American stuff I can buy at Target and Safeway and Kohls.  Nothing like a little stuff to bring back for the family. (Fruit snacks, graham crackers and shoes oh my!)
I’ll be gone Sunday to Saturday and may check in the blogosphere a time or two (or 50, there is only so much Law and Order I can watch with my dad before I go nuts) but I don’t know if I’ll be posting or not around here.  Again thanks for the outpouring of good wishes.  She’ll beat it, I know it.  Now keep some thoughts for Hubby too, he’s going to have our two terrors, or rather children to himself for a whole week.  Boo will be at school from 8:20-3:20 but that leaves the Chick.  She can be the Drama Queen of late.  A sitter will be coming over twice thankfully to help out but I’ve never been gone from both kids for more than an overnight.
I know my kids.  They are gonna eat him alive!
In the meantime Two On Tuesday won’t be on the menu this week but next week, March 17. It is going to be a good ToT.  It’ll be a music theme this time so start thinking about what I could possibly ask you about music.
If you are new you can catch up on my recent-ish past postings:
I hope everyone has a great week.  See you Saturday!

12 thoughts on “A Ping Pong Ball

  1. I’m so sad that I JUST found out about the whole Cancer thing…I’m sorry!I feel horrible!I actually work for one of those airlines that flies propeller planes to the littler cities!!! lol! They are WAY scary! lol!Idaho IS way beautiful…hope you are having a good time!And I’ll pray for your husband!


  2. Happy, safe flying -10 hours to yourself!! This will be a “survival” test for your hubby eh. Can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll be posting about THAT one. Northern Idaho eh, I love Sun Valley, and the northern tip of Idaho ———-enjoy the snow. take care ok


  3. For whatever reason I didn’t realize that you’d be flying there w/o the kids. Wishing you safe travels, your mom a swift recovery, and your husband the patience of a saint this week you’re gone!Thinking of you from afar… and dare I say it… enjoy this flight w/o your kids. I’ve never done it so I”m SO jealous!!


  4. Enjoy the scenery. I personally find so much solace and comfort in a blanket of snow, snowy mountains, and a warm cup of cocoa…of course gooey hot fudge sundaes work very well too!Will send off best health wishes.


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