The little things

It's the little things that get you at the airport. I arrived this morning at GEG to find I am 52 pounds instead of the required 50 pounds for luggage. So what do I take out?

I can't ditch the macaroni and cheese boxes (Boo would never forgive me), hubby's shoes were kinda expensive to toss and quite frankly I don't feel like throwing out any of my clothes either.

So the plan is to now carry all four of the books I bought in my carry-on. Oi. That is heavy. I guess I won't be short any reading material though.

On the trip (since I was speaking of books) I managed to read Revolutionary Road. Since the movie didn't come to our town in original language I read the book. Very good read.

I also picked up A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. At 150 pages in it is very good. An interesting take of two womens lives during the last 20 years in Afghanistan and I am finding it a very interesting look at a culture in my own backyard (we have a large Middle-Eastern population where we live). I would definitly recommend this book.

I also picked up Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos, How To Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed by Theo Pauline Nestor and The Perfect Life by Ann Gerhart (a biograpy of Laura Bush which interested me after reading American Wife a fiction book loosly based on Laura Bush's life.)

I have no doubt I won't get to read them in the three days I did with my last book but I look forward to being able to tackle them soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday the Thirteenth!

If this post is weird its cause I emailed it.


10 thoughts on “The little things

  1. I was 2 pounds over in one bag at the airport once, and they made me move something from that bag to the other bag. I picked shoes. Seemed silly – both bags were going on the plane, so the total weight was the same for takeoff. But I guess baggage handlers have strict limits. Embarrassing to have to open both suitcases right there, in full view of everyone in line. Good thing I didn’t have anything sketchy on top for all to see! HaThanks for the book recommendations


  2. Dads, CK and Crazy – I finished The Thousand Splendid Suns. BUY IT! It was fantastic.The book schlepping was totally worth it. I just can’t decide what to start next. You know while cleaning, cooking, looking after kids and getting my own work done!


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