Scenic Scenery Sunday

I got some great pictures while I was visiting in Idaho last week and I wanted to share them. They are of Couer D’Alene Lake and the surrounding area.  Basically where I laughed and swam and grew up in the summers.  
These two additional photos are from the plane from Spokane to Seattle so there is a bit of discoloration or reflection across the pictures but I think they are still beautiful.


13 thoughts on “Scenic Scenery Sunday

  1. How stunning! It must have been incredible to grow up around such natural beauty!Great plane shots too. I love how you can sorta see you in the reflection.Hope you’re safe and sound at home. 🙂


  2. WOW…So beautiful…I flew over that same area not even two days ago!I really do want to do something with that blog we are thinking about…but I want an idea on HOW to make it different then OTHER relationship blogs…and do some kind of contest or picture thing that people can do to spread the word…Like what if we had a favorite COUPLE post…kinda like other picture post, but the picture has to be of BOTH the significant other and the person posting, or at least of their significant other.Ya know?A Mister Linky thing…I don’t know, something to DRAW people to the site…I should probably be emailing this to you…hahahahaLet me know what you think!


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