Recession Friendly Bargains: Beauty on a Budget

This was really just too good to pass up.  I subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar and this month my edition features Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover.  I love Miss Carrie Bradshaw. I’ll see the SITC movie one of these days.  But it was within the pages of this magazine that I found the bargains I wanted to mention.
Ever conscious of the tough times here’s what Harper’s Bazaar had for me this month:
Bargain Find #1 Dennis Basso blouse $2,100 silk looking with weird purple and grey, looks more like something you’d find in your grandmothers closet.  But then again I can’t afford $1,000 shirts so maybe I’m clueless.
Bargain Find #2 Lancome Oscillation Mascara $34 Vibrating mascara, seriously.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.
Bargain Find #3 T3 Bespoke Featherweight Dryer $249 (my personal favorite bargain).  It’s a hair dryer, comes in shiny red.  According to Bazaar it’s ‘a staple’.   Hmm, my definition would be a hairbrush and deodorant but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.
Bargain Find #4 Barbar Titanium 1 1/2 inch Curling Iron $145  Titanium?  Seriously?   Yeah, okay.  Or you can upgrade to the R Session Tools Nalu Waver curling iron for $179.99.
Bargain Find #5 Mason Pearson Junior hairbrush $126  Apparently the $12.99 brush I’ve been using just isn’t going to cut it.
Of course now you still need pants or a skirt (at least $400-500 for something decent) and shoes (Louboutin pumps are a bargain at Neiman’s at $595) and let’s not forget jewelry.  Then there’s the $55 Sisley Paris lipstick and $56 Chanel eyeshadow.  Of course you’ll need a nice handbag from Tod’s for the bargain price of $1,665.
It must be hard to be rich in these tough times if even the ‘rich’ have to bargain shop.

17 thoughts on “Recession Friendly Bargains: Beauty on a Budget

  1. Thanks for the luck, I didn’t make the next round but that’s okay. Thousands of entries all judged on 300 words or less, oh well. Next time!Ruby – Surgery is now on Thursday. Thanks for your prayers.


  2. before the recession I was a fan of Definicils Lancome mascara, when I stopped to get some they showed me that vibrating mascara and I couldn’t stop laughing… had to walk away. LOL!


  3. You are cracking me up. I can’t tell you how many times I have emailed mags to tell them to publish things the ‘real’ women of American can relate to! I got so frustrated with all of them…dropped ’em.


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