Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday & What Are You Wearing?

It’s time once again for my two favorite Friday activities!  Candid Carrie is hosting Photo Friday and over at Tiara’s & Tantrums we have What Are You Wearing? so have a read, leave a comment and then head over to both and see who else is playing today!
Last Thursday I asked my dad if I could look through all the old photos they had of me as a kid.  He brought up the same banker’s box they’d been stored in since I was a child and mom, dad and I had a good many laughs over these pictures.  Shame Sis wasn’t there, she could have prevented me from taking some of the great (80’s highly embarrassing ones of her) and bringing them home to Germany to put on the internet.  I’m just wicked evil like that Sis, sorry.
Unfortunately my old scanner does not work with my Mac so I had to take a picture of the picture which naturally means the quality isn’t as good.  But I still think this is a good picture of my family.  This is us probably circa 1983 when I was six.  I know we are in Alberta (maybe Banff?), Canada because I remember going to the waterfalls there and saying how pretty it was. We were on a camping trip.  I’m the littler one in this picture in the grey and crimson sweatsuit.  
Notice how thrilled we all look?  It actually was a great vacation.  I remember that way back then we could actually drink the fast flowing water without risk of being poisoned.  Of course I wouldn’t exactly recommend this on your next family trip.  My sister may also now really want to come to Germany to kill me for posting this picture visit.  Ha!  I won’t be coming to see you for at least a year so hopefully your memory will have faded by then.  I couldn’t resist posting. Love ya!
The next one is a few weeks before my 7th birthday at Easter in 1983.  I decided if I posted the other half of the picture that contained my sister she really might have climbed on a plane, killed me, dressed me in my running clothes and left my body near the river.  Maybe not but why take the chance right?

Do you just love the shawl look and the white socks or what?  Look how cold it was because there’s a fire going in the fireplace but I have short sleeves and no tights on.  I love the 80’s such great fashion! (not)
So that’s Candid Carrie for today.  I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough.  Go see who else is playing today!
On to What Are You Wearing? with Tiara’s & Tantrums.  I am cheating a bit.  I actually wore this yesterday  I am planning to get out and run today so I won’t be getting into ‘real’ clothes until later and then it’ll likely be comfy stuff since I’ve foisted Boo off on a playdate so I don’t even have to do school pick-up!  So here’s what I was wearing yesterday.
Green coat (that Crash wants to steal) and blue tank under shirt (which you can’t see) from H&M, shirt from New York and Company, black pants from Old Navy and the famous Esprit flats that everyone loved so much last time.  Jewelry – wedding rings, Scottish Thistle ring, butterfly necklace from Tiffany’s and yellow bracelet from J-Crew.

What Are You Wearing today?  Make sure and go over to Tiara’s & Tantrums and tell her!

I also have very exciting news!  Please make sure to come back on Monday where I will be hosting the Writer Mama Two Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway with Christina Katz! Wahoo!  This is a fantastic way to get some inside scoop on writing and a great chance to win a  copy of her book, Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids  simply by answering a question she will have for all of you!  Easy Peasy!  So be sure to stop back on Monday March 23 (that’s this Monday) for your chance to be a part of the giveaway.
Another fun event happens on Friday now too!  Friday Feast with Ca-Joh!  Stop by for some great recipes (this weeks is tres yummy).  You can link up your own recipes as well.  I’ll be heading over with my plate and fork prepared to taste some delicious treats.
And for those who’ve enquired – my mom had her surgery yesterday and dad said all is well.  I’ll speak to her later this evening, so thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts – they worked!

21 thoughts on “Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday & What Are You Wearing?

  1. I love your family vacation pic. It was a rare (extremely) event for my family to ever get a picture of us together on a vacation. And I am digging your shoes. Cool.


  2. Oh you are so dead! You won’t know where, and you won’t know when, but I’ll be getting you back my dear. (insert evil grin here!)


  3. American – Fashionista? Moi? No, but thanks :)Crazy – I’ll take cool!Robin – You can have it next after Crash, it’ll be a traveling jacket.Tiara’s and Teri – I love the shoes too. It’s the first cute pair I’ve ever found here that fit!Z’s mom – I loved looking through the pictures.Rightonmom – Thank you! I saw it first on your site then a few others and thought, why not? I’m really excited about it!


  4. Snow pic is great – yes, you all look thrilled! And you in the white dress is delightful. Yesterday’s pic of your pants and feet…? Um, interesting angle! :-)I’m wearing low-cut stone-washed jeans (or acid washed, I don’t know. They look good. My teen daughter helped pick them out!) and a polo shirt, thick black and white stripes. You were just dying to know, I know.


  5. Glenda – Thanks. It was a lot of fun and with everything with my mom right now, it was extra special to look at them together.Domestic – Maybe I should start a list for the traveling jacket ;)Naperville – Yep, for some reason this is a theme in many of these pictures of mine!Dadshouse – I can not figure out a timer on the camera. So that’s the easiest angle I’ve got. And I’d go with stone washed. Acid wash would be the 80’s!


  6. OMGOSH I want that coat so bad I can taste it. You look adorable in it. Love your pics. Especially the family one. Just dropping by to say thank you so much for your entry to the magic quilt. I’m going to post it right now. I love the idea of being surrounded in love. Great entry. May your Mom recover sooooon. LY!


  7. Crash – You’re first on the list to get it, though I think I’ll have to personally deliver it to you in Hawaii :)I’m so happy I could help with the Magic Quilt – though I am wishing I would have worked a bit more on my ‘story’!


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