Random Tuesday

There is a great event on Tuesday’s at The Un-Mom, Random Tuesday Thoughts.  I could so go for a totally random post because that’s where my brain is the happiest.  But I do my own event on Tuesdays.  So I decided this week I’d play along with her event…on Wednesday.  Forget it, no one’s playing Two on Tuesday so I’ll be Random Tuesday Thoughts today then (though if you do want to play ToT just bump down to the next post).  I know that’s against ‘the rules’ but when have I ever cared about that?  So my Random Tuesday Thoughts…

Last week when I went running on Friday (and felt like I was dying – you try running and pushing 43 pounds of kid/stroller) my sock slipped down in my shoe and I yanked it back up but the dang thing would not stay.  So now I have three little raw spots on my ankle.  At least it’s on the same foot I had surgery on over three years ago with the still pink scar.  They form a little line of battlescars.  I’m so happy I went with the ankle/foot surgeon who said he’d do it just like the plastic surgery guys do!  While I’m on the subject, should I still have numbness and occasional lightening pain in that scar spot?  Yep, that’s what I thought.  Thanks Doc! (quack)
Do you know how hard it is to know something and not be allowed to say it?  Not that I know anything…I’m just asking.
Sunday I read an entire book in one day it was that good.  Check my reading tab if you are interested, it’s the first book listed.  Be prepared for twists and turns is all I’m saying.
Music has taken on a new level of obsession.  I simply can’t do anything without it.  Driving, dishes, blogging, working, running.  I even clean while listening to the iPod.  I have to stop clicking on blogs with music because inevitably I find something new to like.  (Thanks Ruby Red Slippers at Lions, Tigers and Boys Oh My!  I’ve now come to cultivate two songs recently because of your site and an entire album.  iTunes and my bank account thank you.)
I was just thinking that the weather had finally turned in my favor, I got all jiggy with this exercise thing and then…rain.  And possibly snow/rain today.  W.T.H.  I love Germany!  
I’m going to do this too on a regular basis:
Honestly it is a great workout video.  I’ve had it since college when the girls in the Ronson Hall dorm started doing it four days a week in the lounge freshman year.  I particularly like the kickboxing/karate part.  I do get the impression the instructor, Karen Voight, may have been the inspiration for this wii Fit lady everyone talks about.  Sadistic doesn’t begin to cover the abs section of this video.
I had someone buy some of my baby gear stuff I was selling through an expat club here.  Back and forth via email to figure out will she buy it, will she not?  For golly’s sake lady it’s a dumb 45 euro stroller – buy or don’t but stop wasting my time!  So she finally says yes, she’d like to buy it but can she meet me today (getting this message at 12:45pm and I told her no later than 2 to meet on any given day because of Boo’s school schedule).  Oh and she’s leaving to go back home to Michigan tomorrow and oh yeah, she doesn’t have a car.  Do I mind terribly driving to Cologne and bringing it to her?  Sure, cause I have nothing else to do to make a quick 45 euros. I politely didn’t put it quite that way but it was a resounding ‘Sorry, will have to wait until another day.’  I do have a life.  (But if you want the Bugaboo for 350 euros I’ll drive through snow and ice!)
I have to finish this dang agent query letter and send it out.  I hate these things.  Anyone want to write it for me?  I can’t pay you in anything other than thanks and maybe some chocolate so drop me a line if you’re interested!
The SKY tv guy was supposed to show up tonight to fix the dish.  Did he show up?  NO. It’s 10:15 at night I think all hope is lost.   Just like always we have a totally different concept of which day and time he’s supposed to be here. No tv since Friday and not only did I miss Numb3rs when it first showed on Friday, now I’ve also missed the re-run of it tonight.
Wow, that was fun.  It’s kind of like the therapy sessions of Not Me Monday’s! at MckMama’s.
And now the latest in my little Boo’s world: (is he not the most handsome thing you’ve ever seen??)
Waffle Hut, Orlando, Florida Feb 09

Boo came home from his little friends house Friday, his girl friend’s house.  We were looking at a Where’s Waldo book and he said there’s Waldo and his girlfriend.  So I asked him:

Me: Do you have a girlfriend?

Boo: {giggle, pause} G! {and he hides his face in a pillow}
Yep, the little girl who’s house he’d been at.  Well, it fits.  They’ve been inseparable since the first day of school back in August.  Sitting next to each other at the back to school picnic, always playing together on the playground.  It’s always G this and G that.  
She is a very cute little girl I have to say, very polite.  They are good solid Americans.  Her mom is nice and drives a mini-van.

Just when I was getting used to the idea of his first loose tooth.  Then this!
Sigh.  My boy’s heart is starting to belong to another.  She better be good enough for Boo, that’s all I’m saying.

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

  1. My daughter is constantly tell us that she is going to marry boys from preschool so that they can have ‘bunnies’. I think the reason I find it so funny is that it freaks my hubbie out.And it is officially your fault that I am now singing the Smash Mouth song off of your mixpod.Great list.


  2. I have a hard time knowing something that I am not allowed to say. I usually find someone with no connection to it and spill. Like someone in another state. Or country. Then I am okay :-)Love your random post. I think randomly. Maybe I need to adopt this.


  3. Yes, I *do* know what it’s like to know something and not be allowed to say it. I hope yours is happier than mine.Also, my ONE YEAR OLD now goes up and kisses random girls. Gawd – I have to worry about this ALREADY?


  4. Yes, I *do* know what it's like to know something and not be allowed to say it. I hope yours is happier than mine.Also, my ONE YEAR OLD now goes up and kisses random girls. Gawd – I have to worry about this ALREADY?


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