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It’s Tuesday!  The first thing to announce today before we get on with the event is the winner of yesterdays Writer Mama giveaway! In a very scientific way (umm, I printed the comments, cut them out, folded them and let my 7 year old pick one from a hat 😉  

The winner is:  Kimberly Zook!
Congratulations!  Yea!  Please send me an email momof2squirts {at} yahoo {dot} com with your full name and address so I can give it to Christina and she will mail out your book.  Thank you to all who stopped by and participated!
Now on to Two on Tuesday!  I thought we’d go nostalgic today.  If you don’t know what Two on Tuesday (ToT) is here’s what we do. On Tuesday I post two questions, two thoughts, two of something.  I encourage you to add your own ‘two’ in the comments or on your own site.  If you add it to your site please link back to me, feel free to snag the nifty button below and leave a comment so I can stop by and check it out!

Two on Tuesday
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I gave this one a lot of thought and also my answers, especially this first one because there were plenty of things to choose from.  Think back to years past (or maybe even recent years) and tell me: 
#1 What’s the one thing from the past you should part with but you simply can’t bring yourself to do it?  Some examples: letters, ratty teddy bears, college stuff etc.  Make you tell me why you can’t bear to get rid of it.

The second question is another look back or possibly forward.  
#2 What did you want to be when you grew up?  And have you become what you wanted to be?  You can interpret that in terms of jobs, where you are at in life, anyway you like.

#1 For me the first question has a lot of possible answers.  I tend to keep things.  Lots of things.  I have a particular sweatshirt that fits the bill though.  All it says is PCTS (which stands for Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science) my college of choice many years ago (which is now known by the name Philadelphia University, PU.  I much prefer PCTS.)  It’s a large grey sweatshirt and the letters are in a nice flower print.  It has started to achieve the little holes along the cuffs and has a light coffee stain on the bottom.  It is nearly 13 years old!  I never wear it out of the house it’s strictly the “I’m cold so I’ll throw this on while watching tv” sweatshirt. But I can not fathom getting rid of it.  I’ve tried, I simply can not do it.  It’d be like throwing away the best/hardest years of my life.  I suffered through the shared dorm room and dining hall food and I’ve got the $36,291 sweatshirt to prove it!

#2 When I was little I wanted to be lots of things.  A ballerina, a teacher, a lawyer.  Later on I wanted to be an architect and even spent a semester in college with this dream (turns out I can’t draw, as my drawing professor told me, ouch!)  I switched majors and started studying marketing.  The dream was the power suit & corner office in an advertising agency.  I am very proud that the best grades I’ve ever gotten in college (straight A’s thanks!) were in my advanced advertising and marketing classes.  It turns out I’m good at making up slogans to go with pictures and convincing you you need to buy stuff.  
But what I am really doing with life is being a full-time mom and writing novels, shuffling my feet and waiting to be published.  A rather rough world to be in (on both accounts).  I’ll go back to work maybe next year after I finish my degree {note to others, don’t leave school when you only have a year left. That’s just plain stupid!} and hopefully pursue something in journalism or other writing related field.  But maybe in the meantime I’ll sell one of these four+ manuscripts floating around my desk and become a best selling novelist instead.  Now that would be something.

I’d like to add the music selections today were for nostalgia (though I do still listen to SmashMouth).  Ahh, the music of my youth!

So tell me, how would have answered Two on Tuesday this week?

7 thoughts on “Two on Tuesday with Blogging Mama

  1. I used to be a bit of a pack rat. The last two years of high school, I made a scrapbook FULL of pics, tickets to dances, you know, all the ‘important’ stuff for a 17 yr old girl. After moving so much for the first few years after HS, I threw it away. So, to NOT answer your question, this is one of my biggest regrets. I kick myself ALL THE TIME for getting rid of that book. As you can prolly imagine, I don’t really have anything I’m hanging onto that I need to let go of. Just the opposite for me, stupid stupid Sassy.


  2. I have a red DIXIE sweatshirt a good guy friend gave to me in college…loved him and his sweatshirt and can’t bring myself to get rid of it.Although, when I got married he wouldn’t hang with me anymore…go figure!I have stuff, stories, floating around on my computer also…but to afraid to do anything with them…SO good for you to do that!Someday maybe?


  3. I have an original Reading Rainbow T-shirt that says, “Book it!” and is so see-through that I can no longer wear it out of the house. But it’s too damn cool to throw away…Also, I want to be Ina Garten (you know, the Barefoot Contessa) when I grow up. What? It’s a goal!


  4. Oh, I know Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. My college boyfriend went to the University of the Arts. (Come to think of it, I still have that college sweatshirt… maybe something I need to get rid of!)Happy Two For Tuesday!


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