In the Real World Venus vs Mars – A New Blog!

Oh My Goodness.  Have I got a treat for you today (and many days to come).  It all started with a lovely lady named Shelle over at BLOKThoughts (I see you nodding your head, good, you know her too).  Well she had this idea for a real blog about real relationships, a no holds barred kind of thing.  And I said “Mm, Hmm, I am on board with that!”  We emailed, we debated, we created and here’s a little something we’ve come up with:

Yep, we really did.  And it’s going to be pretty great.  But before I give you the juicy details of where you can find In The Real World Venus vs Mars we need your help.  Your input.  Your words.  We want bloggers who want to talk about relationships (MEN ENCOURAGED AND WELCOME!!) to join us and be contributors to the site.  We would like to have a regular group of writers and we are also looking for guest posters.  We also welcome questions, thoughts, ideas.  Email us or comment.  You can even ask to be posted anonymously, that’s perfectly okay too.
What we would like to do is keep it as an adult site.  And NO I don’t mean that in a  p o r n o  way.  It simply means you’ll have to leave your mom and dad hats (if you happen to wear them) at the door.  This is a place for grown-up issues.  Singles, marrieds, committed relationships and committed flirts welcome.
Shelle said it way better than me over at the site so check out her first post giving away some of the details of the site What is this blog all about??
Shelle’s also dishing on her regular blog all about Venus and Mars too so go to BLOKThoughts and read up.  Then go to RWVM and leave us a little comment love.  Follow if you’d like (we’d like that!)  Be sure to email or leave a comment here on Blogging Mama, onBLOKThoughts or on RWVM if you’d like to be a regular or guest poster on the new site!
We hope you will help spread the word about the site so tell your friends, tell your enemies and join in for some great discussions!

20 thoughts on “In the Real World Venus vs Mars – A New Blog!

  1. This looks really interesting and unique. And I am curious on the people who would join. This is very refreshing from the techy blogs, daily activity blog, how to make money blog.Amy


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