Young Love in the Nation’s Capital

This little story is for a contest, to win stuff.  I like to win stuff though I rarely do.  If you haven’t heard Dadshouse is having a Spring Fever contest.  You’ll need to head over there for the specifics.  I’m not going to help you out and give you the categories, I’m in this to win darn it.

My second little note, dear Hubby (and family), you may not want to read this little story cause it actually isn’t about you.  This is pre-you history here.  By about three years….


Imagine if you will a beautiful day in Bryn Mawr, PA on a quiet cul-de-sac street in a swanky neighborhood where the flowers are cultivated by gardeners and the two point five kids are running on the crisp picture perfect green lawn.  The beautiful suburban moms in their tennis whites and the dads with golf clubs stand chatting at the end of long curving driveways.  Idyllic no?

Now picture the scene inside the house at the end of the court, the nannies room.  That’d be where I come into this story.  Another weekend, another Saturday, another friend bailed out on an adventure.  So what does a 19 year old girl who was bound for DC with her best friend do now?  

She picks up the phone and calls this guy she hasn’t actually met yet in person but has talked to on the phone (who seems way nice!) and says: (I may have taken liberty with the actual words but whatever)

Me: Hey, I’m going to, like, go to DC today, do you wanna come with?  It’s totally cool if you don’t but whatever. 

Him: Like, okay.  Sounds cool.

An hour later we met in Norwood (that’s near the Philly airport for those who don’t know) at some mall whose name escapes me.  Inside I thought he might be the coy guy with the goatee who was staring at me over the music rack but since I’d never seen him I didn’t exactly know.  Our eyes met and something like “is it you?”  “no, is it you?” went on for a few minutes but ahh, it was Him and it was Me.

A bit of hilarity here.  I didn’t want him to drive cause then I’d be alone in his car, you know with the person I’ve actually never met before and don’t know from Adam?  Somehow if I drive this makes it different.  Don’t exactly know how but it does.

We hop in my car, and in a fit of honesty I’ll say it was not a cool car.  There is no possible way a bright neon blue Neon is a cool car.  It simply is not possible.  But when you’re a college student/nanny, sometimes cool just isn’t affordable.  The drive takes about two hours or so and my ‘date’ only dozed off once or twice.  That’s okay I get car sleepy too.

Once we finally parked, took the metro into the city and walked around it was a beautiful spring day, the cherry blossoms were in bloom and you could almost see the buds willing themselves to open a little further right in front of your eyes.  A spectacular sight to behold it was.  (In fact go to DC now and the Cherry Blossom festival is in swing.  It’s an amazing experience.)  Something else was budding right before my own eyes.  A small little thing called like.

After a nice long lunch at Union Station we headed over to the Air and Space Museum and then generally goofed around on the mall.  We even rode the carousel.  


I know.  I was there.  There were several almost is-he-gonna-kiss-me-or-not moments.  Nope, not quite yet.

On the train back to the car he did try to take my hand but I moved at the last second (darn it) so that had to wait too.  It turned out to be a long date, likely the longest ever for me but in a very good way.  Once we reached the mall again we hopped in his car, because now it’s safe, duh!  We went to a greasy diner and ate cheeseburgers and talked and it got so late I actually had to call home to remind them not to set the alarm.  I did plan to be back in my bed that night.  At some point.

You’re waiting for the kiss moment aren’t you?  So was I.  And I didn’t get disappointed and frankly I’m not ashamed to kiss and tell.  We stood outside my car, now about one in the morning and hemmed and hawed about “it’s getting late” and “I should go”.  Then he leaned in and I leaned too and…magic.  He did have the most spectacularly soft lips.  And he was a very good kisser indeed.

We went on to date for several months.  He introduced me to many things like Smashing Pumpkins and Portishead, MC Escher drawings and lots of late night driving between Norwood and Bryn Mawr.  We eventually broke up but did see each other a few times about two years after that.  We went to a Flyers game and to dinner.  It was really nice but for us both the spark had gone out.  We were both working full time in two very different worlds.  It was never meant to be but I never hear Smashing Pumpkins without thinking of him.  Nor can I listen to Portishead in quite the same way. 

There’s nothing like a Philly boy to make a young girls heart go pitty pat….

Thanks Dadshouse for creating the contest and reminding me of a fond memory.  That was actually fun.  I’ll look forward to hearing you’ve picked it to win on April 2nd.  And while were on the subject, I’m fairly sure you said you liked Old Fashioneds and that you can be bribed with Belgian chocolate right???  

15 thoughts on “Young Love in the Nation’s Capital

  1. Songs always remind me of certain people or time periods in my life. That was such a nice little love story and you’re absolutely right about the cherry blossoms in D.C. Absolutely spectacular!


  2. What a fantastic blog you have going here Blogging Mama!!I followed you over from SweetPeaSurrey and I hope you don’t mind.What a beautiful story and such a lovely picture. I love the Smashing Pumpkins and have my own memory of a date surrounding them. Everytime I hear them at all, I think of that long, long ago time :)If you have a moment or two of your life that you’d care to waste, please visit my blog and do say hello.Take good care and……Steady OnReggie Girl


  3. Expat – Thanks! We had to do the PBS thing for my sons 1st grade class. It was part of his Unit of Inquiry homework about buildings.Petra – Funny how songs stick with usBlueviolet – I absolutely love cherry blossoms. I miss being able to go and see them. We lived outside Philadelphia so it wasn’t far to go.Debbie – Young love is the best (way before we know a lot of stuff when love is innocent)Wendy – I loved remembering the first date. The anticipation, the will he/won’t he? of it.Midlife – Thanks very much for stopping by! I’ll be sure to reciprocate.Queenie – Thanks! Loved your cards today by the way!


  4. Sweet story, especially since you kept dating after the long first date. I’ve done some super long first dates, and not many turned into second dates. With all that time together, there’s just too much to pick apart. That said, one of my long first dates became a second date, and we went on to date for a year and a half. It’s all about chemistry. Sounds long you two had it!And yes, I do like old fashioneds… can you FedEx one from Germany? Or better yet, send a really cute female bartender to make one for me (haha)Great story – thanks for joining in!


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