Random Tuesday Thoughts

Umm, I actually forgot it was Tuesday so I didn’t plan Two on Tuesday today.  I am thinking it’ll take a break for awhile. I did however come across this other great event at the Un Mom, Random Tuesday Thoughts.  So in no particular order (cause it’s all random…) here we go.
Once again I know stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Wish like heck I could SAY stuff.  But I can’t.  So I’ll continue to know stuff.
The satellite tv guy (a different one since the last one, over a week ago never showed up) is supposed to be here in five minutes.  I am hoping.  I am really hoping.  I could use a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right about now you know?
I’m going running today.  Hubby found me this great site called MapMyRun.com  Turns out I’ve been doing 4 km.  Not too bad.  The goal is three times a week (and sans kids, wahoo!)
I’ve enjoyed taking photographs this week.  Sunday we went to the Ahr Valley to get some our favorite local wine and took pictures of the vineyards from the overlook.  Great day.  We even went Alteheck!
Yesterday I went around town taking pictures for Stellan.  I don’t even know this family but I felt like I was somehow doing something to make him well.  I certainly hope my pictures will make MckMama smile for even a nano-second.  Then I will feel like I made a difference.

Yes, those are vineyards climbing the side of the hills.

We are having the great mini-van debate again.  I hate mini-vans even though I did drive one at one point in life.  But I can’t take any more of the “she touched my” crap-ola from the back seat.  11 months my kiddies and you’ll each have your own row.  I will die a slow death to give up Lucy but if it means I get my sanity back in the car so be it.
My seven year old was diggin my Dave Matthews we were listening to in the car yesterday.  I knew I liked that boy!  On occasion you can catch him singing to Daniel Powers Bad Day, it’s so stinkin’ cute.
I just went to get more coffee and I saw the frost rising off the car outside.  Well, rather the sun was hitting the frost and the ensuing steam rising looks really cool.  Maybe you had to be here.
I may have a lead on some work.  That would be so nice.
Thanks to Cinnamon and Honey’s Musical Monday and her links to Jori’s site I finally discovered who plays the Laser Song from Oceans 12.  Do you have any idea how insane I went trying to figure it out since it isn’t on the soundtrack?  We watched that movie last night I was so happy about finding that out.  Love that part of the movie and the music.
I could go on I am sure but then I couldn’t go stand at the window watching for the tv guy.  Who is now 13 minutes late.  Hopes, low to begin with, are ebbing away.  Please oh mystery tv guy, fix my satellite!
If you want to pay along go to The Un Mom and link up.  Be sure to see who else is playing today!

28 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Random Tuesdays are definitely a fav with us. Good luck with your run! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that elusive cable guy comes soon. Great pictures for Stellan!


  2. My answer to “She’s touching me!” was always:”Is there blood?””No.””Did it kill you?””No.””Are you hurt or maimed in any way?””No.””Are you missing an arm or a leg now?””No.”And so on and so forth. I’d finish it off with, “Then I think you can deal with it.”It got to be too much trouble for them to tattle after awhile.


  3. I love “mapmyrun.” I’m starting to prepare for a local four mile race and need to map out four miles in my neighborhood. Four miles doesn’t sound long, but it makes me realize how small my little town is!


  4. What took you to Germany? Where do you live? Have you done the Christmas Markets? I’d love to check them out some time.We bought a car in Germany, drove it around then had it shipped back. That was a great trip. We decided we could live in Germany since we fell in love with the autobahn. I also loved the Romantic Road. How Fun!!


  5. K – No show, again. I'm going on almost two weeks with no tv, wah! Figures there are exactly two people who can fix this thing and neither one particularly cares about making a living…Ginny & Laufa – ThanksStacy & Elle – See above comment. I think the tv guy must hate us.Green Jello – First I love your name! And I am so going to try that one tomorrow with my kids!Jennifer – I love it. It helps because I didn't have any way else to figure out how far I was going since I'm not running long a road.POstcards – My hubby's job is why we moved here. We live in the 'burbs 30 mins from Cologne. I do like the Christmas markets though they've become more commercial and less crafty in the last year.Oh sweet sweet Autobahn, how me and my car love you!


  6. oh I forgot about this today as well . . . I already posted . . . BUT – don’t you dare buy a minivan! I hate minivans! I WILL NEVER buy one or drive one – EVER!!!!!!


  7. Those hills are amazing. Covered with vines? I watched a man in Switzerland hand-prune a mountainside of grapevines one morning. Like Ann La Mott’s “Bird by Bird”, he cut them back vine by vine.


  8. Oh yay! I am glad you got the mystery solved! And thanks for the linky love!PS- That pic of the vineyard is PHENOMENAL! (Not to mention very touching!) I keep meaning to ask you where in Germany you live.


  9. Cable guy never came but Hubby just walked with Ein Quantum Trost! Wahoo James Bond (Quantum of Solace isn’t it??)Tiaras – Can I quote you on that? You make me laugh. Believe me it’d be like killing every fun driving part of my body to do it. But… unfortunately Lucy is not allowed to leave the country (we’ve asked).Dadshouse – Yes they are vines. And they pick by hand and some by machine. It is amazing to watch them in October during harvest. Maybe I’ll post some pictures from years past. Truly amazing.Dumbass – No worries, I was teasing. I am familiar with the Man’s Brain…Robin – Thanks. You should see the ones from right before harvest, they are incredible. Hubby always says not to get specific but it’s not hard to figure out. We live in..Bonn. It’s 30 mins outside Cologne and 30 mins from the Ahr Wine Valley. Perfect 🙂


  10. Yesterday there was a traffic jam on the way to work. When I finally got up to the source, I noticed it was a car wreck involving a Direct TV van. All I could think about were those dozens of people sitting home between the hours of 8 and 5 waiting for their dish to be installed. I hope you get yours!


  11. Neat photos —I’d love to see Germany. I would love to see a real vineyard. Mini vans —well, that have there time and place. and, don’t sit around WAITING for the tv guy —THEY NEVER COME ON TIME. What’s up with them—–any fix it guy for that matter


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