Looking for me? And a plea from BDHQ

Today I’m over at Venus vs Mars .

Come and see what kind of trouble I got into Saturday night.
Help out a friend!  They are raising funds to bring home their gorgeous baby Dorothy from India.  Please Go to WWW.BDHQ.NET

Here are the details from Tisra and Eric:
There are only two weeks left before we begin drawing names for prizes in our adoption fundraiser!!!  Prize drawing April 13-17th. (all details and rules are on the website)
10% goes to Shaohannah’s Hope
Each $10 donation to our adoption fund gets you one entry in the main drawing.  Prizes valued at ~$2000 include:
– Canon Digital SLR Camera
– Wii console
– artwork
– jewelry
– handcrafted children’s items
– designer chocolates
Help us Spread the Word (by e-mail, web, or blog) and you’ll be entered to win a $500 prize pack including:
– leather Coach handbag
– Freshie & Zero silver jewelry
– Zahra Beauty stationery
– designer chocolates by Jen Shelbo
All details are on the website: http://www.bdhq.net.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, by entering, Spreading the Word, or through prayer.  Dorothy isn’t even home yet and she’s got so much love!
Eric and Tisra

Operation Bring Dorothy Home Quick

7 thoughts on “Looking for me? And a plea from BDHQ

  1. Thanks for posting about our sweet girl!I had no idea you were still blogging- my Bloglines hasn’t shown anything for you in AGES. Argh! I’ll no doubt have to flip back a few entries and see what you’ve been up to! I hate it when Bloglines doesn’t work!Tisra


  2. Tisra, anything for you and Dorothy. Just promise I get to meet her someday! Yep, pretty much a new post everyday! lolTeri and righton – Check BDHQ It’s a great cause!Dadshouse – I hear you Mars, I hear you 🙂


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