Writers Workshop with MamaKat

First I wanted to ask a question before we get to MamaKat.  Have any of you read (to your kids) The 100 mph Dog by Jeremy Strong?  HILARIOUS!  You should get it.  There’s a whole series and even I get bummed when it’s not my turn to put Boo to bed and I miss the chapter.  So check it out.
It’s Writer’s Workshop time!  MamaKat has some awesome prompts this week so I am going to list all of them here today.  Don’t know what Writers Workshop is?  You are missing out so head over to MamaKat’s Losing It and see what the fun is all about!

The Prompts:

1.) Why did you do it?

2.) What is a common misconception about you?

3.) Describe a moment when you felt afraid.

4.) In what ways are you turning into your mother?

5.) Are you always right?

I am going to choose number 2 this week.  Be sure to link up at MamaKat’s if you are playing or simply head over and take a peek at who else is participating this week!
2) What is a common misconception about you?
I would have to say that a lot of people think I am shy.  To a point that can be true.  But it’s usually because I like to observe people before joining a conversation.  There are many times where I simply enjoy listening to what other people have to say before I chime in.  
I think there are several things that brought me out of my childhood shyness.  When I was 16 I spent a summer as an exchange student in Milan.  I was forced to not be shy.  I had studied French intending to go to France but the program was cancelled the month before I left.  I ended up going to Italy instead.  I did not speak the language.  My hosts (two families) did speak english but it forced me to get outside my box and discover new things, try new things. The experience taught me a lot about myself and that I can do something if I put my mind to it.
Moving 3000 miles away from home at 18 also helped.  Spokane, WA to Philadelphia is another world indeed for an 18 year old girl.  
Ronson Hall Girls
The Girls of Ronson Hall 1995
If I hadn’t gotten a scholarship to school I would have ended up at University of Idaho.  A perfectly fine school but not more than a few hours from home.  Philadelphia forced me to open my eyes and see that there are a lot of people outside of my small town America upbringing.
Me, Rebecca, Alex
Renee, Dara, Kelly
In order to survive I had to see that people are different everywhere.  People are African American, Muslim, Asian, Brazilian and many things in between.  I enjoyed becoming friends with all these people that previously I had never known.  
Birthday night
You’ll likely find this hard to believe but I was in a sorority too.  A social one at that.  That experience while very silly at times helped me to feel like I always had a support system of wonderful young women to turn to when I felt myself missing home, missing familiarity and simply needing a friend.  
Girls gone greek - Paddle Party
ΔΦΕ  Delta Phi Epsilon Paddle Party at Going Greek (so we weren’t photographers!)
The first year of college is brutal (so is dining hall food, yech).  It forced me to say “Hey, if you’re going to make it stop being shy.  Step up and say hello my name is Andrea.”  Moving to a different country can also abolish shyness.  You are forced to meet people, interact with others often people who are not like you.
I think people might think I’m shy and maybe sometimes I am.  But believe me after all that I wrote about up there I’m really not.  Not anymore.
(50 points if you can guess who I am in those photos)
If you find yourself in any of these photos, PCTS circa 1995-96, Rebecca, Kelly, Renee, Dara, Stephanie, Alex, Jeri or any others give me a shout.  I’d love to hear from you.

24 thoughts on “Writers Workshop with MamaKat

  1. Trying for the 50 points here. Are you the one on the left in the top photo as well as the one on the far right in the bottom pic? Just guessing..and over here from Mama Kats. ;o)


  2. The strawberry haired lady on the left in the third picture? Do I win anything if I guess right?I used to be very shy as well, but about the time of college and beyond I turned from introvert to curmudgeonly extrovert. Nothing has been the same since.


  3. My shyness seemed to all but disappear when I found my niche when I was in my 20’s. I moved to Costa Rica and lived by myself in a small hut in the middle of a rain forest while working at a biological research station. Somehow being alone in an enivronment that thrilled me turned me inside out and I became outgoing. I still carry some of that with me to this day, but now that I am outside of that niche I tend to be shy in certain environments. Thanks for the link for the prompts!


  4. lol Me too. I can be shy sometimes but like Jaime said, till ya get to know me then I can just keep talking and talking. 🙂


  5. I would have guessed you were shy. Just by the sweet look of you, if I were to go by pictures alone…but since I now know you a little better just from email exchange…I wouldn’t have gotten that at all!I love seeing old pictures…so cute!I’m with SHAWN with who you are in the photos!


  6. Such a cool post, revisiting all those times in your life. I’m sure those experiences only expanded your perspective on life. I get mistaken for being shy too, I don’t like too much attention though.You’re the last on the right in the last pic; you’re wearing a skirt and tights in the other??


  7. Okay, I’ll give. Some of you guessed correctly 🙂 I loved finding these pictures yesterday, so many memories!In pictures: 1- I am all the way on the right sitting in the chair.2 – Far left3 – Nope, not in that one! 🙂 That was my roommate Dan.4 – Far right in the skirt and black tights5 – Far right on the end.You who guessed right get…an autographed picture maybe? Mention that you guessed correctly? Chocolate?Shawn, Natasha, Shelle, Blueviolet and Rightonmom – tell me where you want me to send your pictures 😉


  8. I agree, that first year of college you have to just say hi, and put yourself out there, or you’ll be totally alone. Great thing is, everyone is in the same situation.Parla l’italiano? Io parlo, un po.


  9. I used to be painfully shy. I studied in Siena Italy for 4 months. I didn’t go with anyone I knew. I did study the language but really didn’t know how to speak at all. That experience taught me sooo much about myself and life. I am a first time participant. Check out my non profit websitewww.parenthoodforme.orgWe need help spreading the word


  10. Crash – Your welcome. It really is such a cute book. You want to be my friend cause I told you how to melt your stone cold heart 😉 I will.Dadshouse – I agree, you have to sink or swim.Non realmente. Ma è un linguaggio piacevole.Debbie – You don’t seem shy, but who does on the internet?Parenthood – I’ll check it out.


  11. I used to be painfully shy. I studied in Siena Italy for 4 months. I didn't go with anyone I knew. I did study the language but really didn't know how to speak at all. That experience taught me sooo much about myself and life. I am a first time participant. Check out my non profit websitewww.parenthoodforme.orgWe need help spreading the word


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