Biergarten Friday on the Rhein

Scroll down for Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday 
and Friday’s Feast with CaJoh!

Matching Polka music on the ipod, click play 🙂

13 thoughts on “Biergarten Friday on the Rhein

  1. These pictures are awesome and took me on a little trip away from the hospital bed. Thank you. I really sincerely appreciate it. Such vibrant colors and lovely photos.


  2. Oh man I loved all those photos. Absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to visit the biergarten and the wine fields. You are surrounded by such beauty. Those recipes look awesome as well. You are a genius = have I told you that.


  3. Really if anyone comes by way of Bonn, it doesn’t get much better than a biergarten on a beautiful spring night.Petra – Hop a plane, it’s biergarten season. Ice cream included.Vic -I’m glad that they helped you. I really hope you’ll be going home soon, I’m still praying for you.Shelle – Always. Germans eat ice cream outside in the middle of winter at any hour of the day. After the eis we’ll pop over to Starbucks for tea or coffee.Robin – A friend visiting from Texas ate with us and it made us remember why we wanted to move here in the first place. It’s ideal until the day to day stuff creeps in. A good reminder!Susan – You were too busy over at Venus, great post today.Dadshouse – Finally a picture! Pictured was a Pils. I prefer a Kolsch but I had kiddy duty so I went with a boring Coke.Wendy – Anytime you want to call me a genius go right ahead! Rightonmom – I actually had to ask my 7 yr old if I’d gotten the ‘Good Weekend’ part correct. He was amazed at mommy’s first grade level! lol


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