Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesdays can be found at Seven Clown Circus

Today I wanted to leave pictures on my blog for Victoria a young lady in the hospital who reads my blog on occasion.  She told me that my pictures helped her feel better last week while she was waiting for surgery.  So the kids and I did a little photo session in the backyard for you.  I hope it helps.


25 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday

  1. These were wonderful! What a nice gesture for your friend. I probably would have just given a half eaten box of cookies to my friend. I just can’t control myself…..Also, I was so first here, wasn’t I? Woot!


  2. Thanks. I actually hadn’t meant for this to post yet! I must have confused the publish time (this blog is set for Berlin time) with the Venus blog which is set on Pacific time and selsected 12 am instead of 9 am (Confused yet?). I hadn’t finished it yet before I went to bed, lol.


  3. Oh my gosh, this is just so wonderful. What a touching way to make your friend, Victoria, feel better. I love it.My W W is posted if you’d like to join me. But, the photos aren’t of the best quality today [you’ll be able to view them better by clicking on them to open in a new window]…I had to photograph them through the dining room window this time!!


  4. Howdy sitsta! Happy Wednesday. Checking in on Hump Day. Tonight begins Passover. Only 4 days until Easter. Celebrate!Zen Cupcake


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