Club HASAY – Are You Doing It?

There’s this club, Club HASAY, that a bunch of people have been blogging about and I kept seeing this cute little chubby kid picture everywhere I went.  I finally clicked on it at The Un-Mom’s site.  You want to know what I’ve gone and joined now?  A Bloggers Unite For Fitness kind of club.  A motivate your butt and get with the program kind of thing.  I could definitely use that.
It’s been going on for like 24 weeks already so I am a late starter but I got permission, hah. Casey is cool like that.  She let me in the club and I didn’t really have to even pay dues or anything.  I really didn’t even have to make this post but in fairness to the other participants that she made post this stuff, I’ll do it too.  I have to tell you about my goals. If you want to skip this post feel free and go suck down that half gallon of ice cream or chocolate bar or greasy slice of pizza.  Go Ahead.  Cause I’ve got Club HASAY to keep me on the straight and narrow path to fitness.  Here goes:
1. What motivates you and why do you want to do this challenge?
I just want to be healthier.  I don’t want to be winded getting from the bedrooms to the basement with a laundry basket.  I want to be a good example for my kids.  Plus I could use the time to myself.
2. What is your long term goal?  Do you want to lose weight or just tone your body?
Tone my body.  I actually don’t have any weight to lose.  I simply want to feel healthier and when I do exercise I feel better about a lot of things.
3. Long term weight lose goal.
Since I don’t have a weight goal I’d just like to be able to run maybe 7k like it was nothing.  You know like it was the ten steps it takes to get from my front door to my car….
4. What tools are available to you?
The main goal is to run and I’ve got awesome shoes and clothes specific to that already.  There are tons of great paths for running.  I’d also like to cycle and I’ve got a bike and all for that.  I’m looking into pilates videos or something for the rainy days (of which there are many here).
5. How often can you exercise?
If I get my butt away from the computer I can do videos everyday during my daughter’s naptime or two or three nights a week for running.  I have to work around my husbands cycling schedule which is usually at night after dinner a couple days a week and then on the weekend (he competes in races and stuff, so it’s only fair to allow him training time).
6. What do you plan on doing? 
Running is the main goal but like I said with everything else that may be harder to find a time when the weather gods and my family are in sync.  So I’ll fill in with a workout video and either yoga or pilates stuff.
7. What has worked for you in the past?
In the past having others to help motivate me has been key.  I simply don’t like exercising alone.  Well, except the running because it’s the only time I am alone.  And that I like.
Whew!  I made it through the questions without even having to give any blood.  I’m sure that changes when the other HASAYers start yelling when I slip on my goals.  They may make me cry, I haven’t quite figured out how mean they are yet.  Hopefully not too mean.  I mean I cry easily when people yell at me, I can’t help it.  Unless I yell back.  Then, Hello I’ve got Scottish ancestry and you are in some serious trouble.
The last thing to say is how this works.  Every Monday Casey posts a challenge (that we have to do!) and we all have to report our weekly tallies.  Successes, losses that sort of stuff in her comments.  And then we get to go bug other HASAYer’s into getting back on the wagon.  If you are a HASAYer (and don’t think I don’t know who you are, the UN-Mom wasn’t the first or only place I saw that little HASAY chubbster in your sidebar) then kick my butt and make me do this.  Because I want to be healthy and exercise can kick stress to the curb.  I know there’s plenty of stress in my life that I’d love to give the boot.  So you all can help me out.  And if you want to join Club HASAY just get in touch over at Casey’s place Half As Good As You, the links are up above including the Club HASAY first post from way back.  Let me know if you join up, we can be in this together.
I’m not participating in Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday (first time I’m not in awhile) and I’m not doing Friday’s Feast F2 over at CaJoh’s place (I simply don’t have a food or recipe story this week).  But it doesn’t mean YOU shouldn’t check it out. 
So do it.

15 thoughts on “Club HASAY – Are You Doing It?

  1. Crazy – I hope they don’t yell, like I said I’d cry.Natasha – Join up, I’ll keep you in line (or we can cheat together, whatever!)Hit 40 – It’s that a great quote. I just finished the book and that stuck with me.Val – Pilates in three different levels is on it’s way. I hope I at least like it!Dadshouse – Thanks, It felt good to answer them. I never really thought about the why too much but now that I look at it, it’s good. Self-examination, that’s what putting that HASAY baby on your blog does to you!Blonde – As I do you. That pie recipe this week may have to switch to low-fat!Rick – Doesn’t he? But he’s cute!


  2. ok -= I gotta laugh at this but it is adorable and reminds me of my little brother just a bit older than that and boy did he have that same belly!Thanks for your wonderful comments on my photos too!


  3. Woo hoo, welcome to the club! That little chubster is my now 27 month old and I’m pretty sure he’s going to kill me when he gets a little older and realizes that I spread his fat Buddha belly all over the blogosphere.I like that even though you don’t have weight to lose, you still joined to get into shape. We’ll try to do our part of heckling you into submission, don’t worry.Good luck this week!


  4. Blueviolet – Sign up! I think it’s going to be great.Expat – I know, he’s the cutest!Casey – I’m excited to be a part of the Club. Your baby is SO cute. I just wanna hug him up 🙂 Ya, he probably won’t thank you but he’s famous!Debbie – It is. And that was the big reason I joined. I don’t have anyone here to do this with so cyber works for me. I feel like I almost have to be more honest this way, lol.Casual – Thanks!


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