The dime store reject – a story

The Dime Store Shelf for Rejects
When you’re on the Dime Store shelf, your prospects of being purchased are slim at best.  You usually know why you’re in the Dime Store, it’s because you didn’t make it anywhere else.  The Dime Store shelf generally has a lackluster feel to it to begin with.  Dusty, lonely, eerily quiet and people breeze in and out and go past you.  They may even pick you up, flip you over and check your price tag.  But they decide you aren’t worth the $.99 stamped on your tag and put you back on the shelf and move on.
What item wants to be on the Dime Store shelf?
The Made in Pluto action figure, the Almost Pez dispenser, the Nearly Post-It papers.  Sure for some it’s good enough.  Their expectations were not very lofty to begin with.  They strive to be on the Dime Store shelf.  The hopes in their case are not as high as mine.
For you see, I’ve strived to make the shelf of the Quality Store.  A place where my full price of $5.99 could be paid without any reservation.  Not too prominent of a place of course.  Not front and center shelf, I’m not greedy or conceited that way.  A small shelf spot even in the back of the store near the sporting goods would have been sufficient.
I wanted to think it was a simple mix-up.  I couldn’t possibly be bound for the Dime Store on purpose.  Preposterous! 
But here I sit between Pluto and Pez.
It hardly seems fair.  I worked hard, complimented my fellows numerous times, listened to their stories.  The only thing I ever asked in return was the same.  That they would listen to my stories, to laugh at my occasional joke now and then.  It didn’t seem like that much to ask.
But the powers that be put me in a box and placed me inside a truck and I was eventually unpacked and placed on this Dime Store shelf. 
If only I knew why they put me here.  If I knew what I did wrong I could have fixed it.  But they didn’t give me an opportunity to change and grow.  No, they just stuck me up here to wither away with the rest.  So I here I sit on…
The Dime Store Shelf for Rejects.

14 thoughts on “The dime store reject – a story

  1. Ginny Marie -Do you have chocolate? Cause I kind of have a medicinal need…Angie – You’re sweet.Val -As I remember it dear sister, so did you!Captain – I know. That’s the problem with troll hair, you just can’t do anything with it!Expat – I actually used to comb the hair. Seriously.


  2. I think it has been quite a long time since I’ve seen a Troll –and that was was adorable. And sometimes the best treasures (as was mentioned before) are the ones that only cost a dime. Hey, I would pay a quarter for it. When I want something, I go all out.


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