Sign Language Wednesday

Welcome to the first edition of Sign Language Wednesday. I started this event after recently writing names on signs for two people who were ill and photographing them in hopes of making them feel better.  It gave me the idea to ask all of my readers to leave me a word that I could then write on a sign and photograph.  The photograph would relate in someway to the word.  
I had some great suggestions on Monday for words, I mean some really great suggestions. Some of my favorites were ennui, no botox (I loved that one and it’s on the master list Wendy!), domestic and sashay.  But in the end my favorite word came from a blogger I just love to read. The word itself can have a lot of meaning and instantly I thought of the ice cream place in New York City that I love.  
The first Sign Language Wednesday word comes from Petra The Wise (Young) Mommy.
Websters Online Dictionary gives us this definition:

from its possession by the heroes of the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip
the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for ; also : an instance of this

The kids and I headed out to Ikea to take this picture.  It’s was 5 euro challenge day with my son in which we each get 5 euros to pick out whatever we like.  Every item pictured was 5 euros or less.  And that was simply Serendipity.


What does Serendipity mean to you?  What would your picture look like?

Be sure to leave me some more words for next week’s Sign Language Wednesday.  If you’d like to play along and photograph words of your own please let me know.  Be sure to spread the word about Sign Language Wednesday’s!

16 thoughts on “Sign Language Wednesday

  1. Great word and photo today! I like this idea and will be sure to follow it :)If I carried my camera with me on all of the adventures I take with my daughter, then I might be able to capture what ‘serendipity’ means to me: it’s when she offers a complete stranger (who is usually not giving her any attention) a kiss or a hug, taking them by complete surprise even though she was trying to get their attention for some time. This happens every so often, and it makes me feel so blessed that I get my daughter’s kisses and hugs all the time and so happy for these strangers to receive something so precious that wasn’t sought for.


  2. I know the ice cream place you are talking about! Let’s meet there!I LOVE, love, love your elephant collection items from IKEA! Tiny Baby is an avid elephant collector!!! I better get me some of those!


  3. Kimberly – I started carrying a small pocket camera everywhere. I love capturing the moment.Blueviolet – About $7 maybe?Crazy – If you don’t find any elephants let me know. I’ll bring Tiny Baby a tray when I come to the US in July :)Val – Yep, the tray and glasses match and hello I love them! Boo picked a big container with his 5 euro’s. The kid is strange but cute.Robin – Can’t wait to see what word you give me!Dadshouse – Very true. Blogsphere says there are no accidents though 😉 My lucky sweatshirt? It’s from the San Fransisco airport… kinda weird, no?Youngblood and Kasey – It is a lot of fun and forces me to think and work on photography which I am trying to be better at. The 5 euro challenge I thought up that morning. Though we do trodelmarkt (a gigantic flea market on Sundays once a month in the rheinaue) and we challenge each other to find the coolest stuff. We don’t usually buy anything then though.


  4. Serendipity –great word. How about THIS –it is an Apache word —-SUVATE—means It is finished. It is from my favorite book RIDE THE WIND –cause you know once upon a time I was an indian princess. I will put that word on my tombstone. YUP


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