Candid Carries’s Photo Friday & Friday’s Feast (F2)

It’s Friday again and today I’ve got lots of treats.  This week I’m going to start with Friday’s Feast F2 with CaJoh.  I bought a few berries at the store and stumbled across some tartlett shells and then discovered I had vanilla ice cream in the freezer.

An idea was born of the simplest most wonderful ingredients.  

It was very yummy.  I may have broken a few HASAY rules but it did at least have fruit.  I thought since it was a red, white and blue dessert I’d find a nice American poem to go with it.


Henry Van Dyke

Tis fine to see the Old World, and travel up and down 

Among the famous places and cities of renown, 
To admire the crumbly castles and the statues of their kings,
– But now I think I’ve had enough of antiquated things. 

So it’s home again, and home again, America for me! 
My heart is turning home again, and there I long to be, 
In the land of youth and freedom beyond the ocean bars 
Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.

Oh, London is a man’s town, there’s power in the air; 
And Paris is a woman’s town, with flowers in the hair; 
And it’s sweet to dream in Venice, and it’s great to study Rome; 
But when it comes to living … there is no place like home. 

I like the German fir-woods, in green battalions drilled; 
I like the gardens of Versailles with flashing fountains filled; 
But, oh, to take your hand, my dear, and ramble for a day 
In the friendly western woodland where Nature has her way! 

I know that Europe’s wonderful, yet something seems to lack: 
The Past is too much with her, and the people looking back. 
But the glory of the Present is to make our Future free, 
We love our land for what she is and what she is to be. 

Oh, it’s home again, and home again, America for me! 
I want a ship that’s westward bound to plough the rolling sea 
To the blessed Land of Room Enough beyond the ocean bars 
Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.

And now on to Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday.  I had planned to put up a slideshow about Luxembourg but in the theme of America I was looking at old photos and came across these we took in 2004.  This was when we were building our house in Maryland.  We lived down the street in an apartment while the house was being built so we generally stopped by everyday to see the progress.  I thought these pictures told a fun time-lapse story. Photos taken June 29, August 16, September 13, September 22 and finally November 15 three weeks after we moved in.
 1 - June 29
4 - August 16
 6 - September 13
Our Street 7 - September 22
 8 - November 15
204 Suburban Drive – Doesn’t that just scream America?  Please visit CaJoh and Candid Carrie for more fun today!

23 thoughts on “Candid Carries’s Photo Friday & Friday’s Feast (F2)

  1. Thanks everyone who stopped by yesterday. I sorted got all wacked out after getting the mail (another freakin’ rejection on my book). Okay so it’s only the third but still, the agent was super awesome took time to personally write a hand written note, on a beautiful card by the way, and it turns out I’d won a book of hers. Freaky huh? Anyway she gave me specific ideas to get published (ie what’s wrong with my manuscript) and for that she rocks. The other two agents let their assistants send a standard letter with no suggestions whatsoever. So not helpful.Anyway, so I’m late in saying hello and clicking to your blogs and all that. But I love you all, old and new commenters alike. You guys make this hard stuff worth it. Cause you like me 😉 (RIGHT??)


  2. That was so cool and I love the fast forward photos on the house. Do you still have that house and when ARE you coming home?(PS. Yes, do leave a separate entry for each of those things. Just leave another one saying follower and then another one saying button. I want you to get all the entries you deserve!)


  3. Mmm fresh fruit. Thanks for linking up. I have two related recipes that I'll have to remember to post when Summer rolls around— Cantaloupe and Vanilla Ice Cream, and Fried berries.


  4. That house DOES scream America! I swear my home looks eerily similar to your old home. Also?I practically licked the screen when I saw all the berries in your first picture. It has fruit, so that offsets the ice cream and makes it healthy. I’m sticking with that!Another Also? Thank you so much for your kind words over at Sego Lily Spa for me yesterday! I appreciate you rallying for me over there. I owe you, big time!


  5. I like both the berry photo and the streetscape. It’s great that you have the history in photos.Reading through comments i read your note about getting a personal rejection. That’s great,as far as rejections go 🙂 I’m working toward getting a personal rejection note. Baby steps.Cheers,


  6. Love the photos!! And about the rejection, keep pluggin along. You will get there, your just to good not too. And obviously that editor saw something in you, she wrote you a personal note – very cool!!


  7. Hi there! Love the time-lapse of the house. And man does that ice cream every look good! I so glad I don’t have any in the freezer or I would be running out there now.


  8. Blueviolet – Nope, we don’t have it anymore we had to sell it when we moved here. Ask me that question again on Wednesday and I’ll have an answer :)Crazy – You are welcome. I knew you needed one that said I Said NO!Robin – Middle house the one in the center of the pics. Captain – Nothing wrong with dessert for breakfast, nothing at all.Kyooty – Hopefully I’ll be heading in the right direction (published) soon!CaJoh – Fried berries? That sounds yummy!Dena – Thanks, you’re sweet.Melissa – I was. I hated to sell it.Steenky – Lick the screen, go ahead I won’t tell. And yes, it WAS healthy wasn’t it? My comments at Sego, you totally deserve to win!cabadov – Yes, baby steps indeed. Good luck to you as well!Missty – It was encouraging.Dadshouse – It very well could have you know?Shannah – I’ll be glad when it’s all gone. But then there is chocolate pudding hiding in there and all that easter candy…


  9. I love that you took that series of pics! Such a great photo diary to have! That dessert looks yummy. I think you can actually just count that as a fruit serving…nothing else; just fruit!


  10. I love that you took that series of pics! Such a great photo diary to have! That dessert looks yummy. I think you can actually just count that as a fruit serving…nothing else; just fruit!


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