Saturday Sillies

Chick loves the video function on the Mac and we use it to practice speaking.  But tonight we just decided to dance 🙂

13 thoughts on “Saturday Sillies

  1. That was fun–I see some potential there. Are you prepping her for So You Think You Can Dance. MAN I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO DANCE. I have NO rythm, not even enough to put on a home video. Your daughter was having fun.


  2. Natasha -Who said there wasn’t wine and whine? Guess who had which :)Casey – Well, if you, oh wise starter of HASAY say it qualifies, who am I to argue?Wendy – I should post her other videos. Umm, think of it this way, this little Chicka can shake it to SexyBack and Pink with equal measure!Youngs – She was dancing, I just helped a little.CK – I”m always happy to keep the kiddies entertained! The chick has quite the repertoire.


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