Club HASAY Reporting In & A Trip to the Zoo

Ah Monday.  Hear the sound of silence?  That would be because my kiddo is back at school. Yippeee!  I love him but two weeks spring break… are you kidding me?  We did do a few things. We played scientist doing lots of experiments with water, learning what sinks and what floats. We also pretended to be the Mythbusters.  hehe, that was cool.  
Mint Mentos + Diet Coke = Exploding fun for the whole family!

Unfortunately I seem to have deleted the video file by accident. Darn it.  I guess we’ll have to just do it again.  Over the last two weeks there was plenty of whining (by them and me) and lots of playdough, videos, cooking, whining, lego’s, playstation (kid loves golf) and more whining. But we survived it somehow.  
It’s Monday, as I said, so that means it’s time to report in for Club HASAY over at Casey’s place. This week I did really well.  I did pilates and yoga on Monday and did yoga all week (with my seven year old playing along, very funny to watch).  I haven’t gotten to run this week with the weather being rainy all week though.  I may be participating in a charity 5k this summer so that has helped me to make sure the days it doesn’t rain I am out there pounding the pavement.  Motivation.  The key to success.
I admit to eating ice cream and a few M&M’s this week but I’ve cut out the Milka Caramel (wahhh!) and changed over to rice cakes occasionally with peanut butter as my nighttime snack.  I’m finding the best way to get with this healthy kick is having good support, like the Club HASAYers. How did you do this week?
Yesterday was a beautiful day so we took the kids to the Cologne Zoo.  We went when we first moved here three years ago and loved it.  This was Chick’s first zoo visit and she is an animal nut so she was very excited.  The zoo is one of the best in Europe and a short thirty minutes ride from our house.
We saw Meerkats:
We saw Zebras:
We saw Tigers:
Elephants are always a big hit:
Gorgeous Giraffe’s:
And of course no trip is completely without Hippo’s and Gorilla’s:
Naturally we have a lot more photos including some great ones taken by Boo but I won’t bore you with all of them.  How did you spend your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?

23 thoughts on “Club HASAY Reporting In & A Trip to the Zoo

  1. My girls LOVE the zoo – and we make it a point to take them to the zoo on every vacation.Your photos are great – so crisp and clear!! And the hippo – fantastic!


  2. Wow, you have some great photos here! My daughter and I were finally 100% from a stomach flu we had this past week, so my husband took us to a zoo on Sunday! It sure is fun to watch children get so excited at the site of animals. My daughter’s favorite was a duck that happened to be passing through the area and stopped at the zoo’s pond for a drink!


  3. 2wks, that’s way long. I’ve got a 5day weekend coming up and I’m at a loss. I’ve also been trying to ignore that there are only 8wks left to the school year!


  4. I’ve been meaning to get there for years now, but never do. Perhaps this summer. Is it a place that one can go without kids, or a kids zoo like Neuwied?


  5. Love the zoo pics! The meerkats are my fave. So cute!And here’s a silly question: you mentioned milka caramel. Isn’t the chocolate over there super-yummy? Like way better than american candy?


  6. Those are great zoo pics, makes me want to head to our zoo soon! My son had two weeks of spring break too, not sure what’s up with that and I definitely don’t approve.Your 5K sounds like the perfect motivation to get you moving! That’s hilarious that your 7 year old is exercising right along with you, I may just have to steal that idea and see if my kids will go along with it. Probably not. Good luck this week, it sounds like you’re doing great!


  7. I love, love, love the zoo. The gorillas and Orangatangs (sp) are awesome. It is amazing to see the animals actually –and sharing that with the youngsters is double the fun.


  8. Jill – The hippo was my favorite.Vailian – We didn’t go inside the house but it looked great. They were all outside.Kimberly – It was zoo SUnday! I know several others who went too.kyooty – The kids get out June 28th here. Long way away :)Keely – It is hard but my son likes to do it with me, which is funny and cute.Captain – Come on! It’s fun!Beth – i thought it was weird when hubby told me but it is actually good.Bex – We do actually :)J – No it’s a great big zoo. Nothing like the dinky one in Neuweid. You should go.Robin – Milka caramel is like my crack. I’m detoxing now!Daddy Geek – LOL. You need a better zoo. (And thanks for following today :)Casey – I guess we get the 2 wks because most people travel home for the holiday and it’s usually a long plane ride but for those who don’t go anywhere…it’s far too long. Your kids may go for it, you never know!


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