Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday and Friday’s Feast F2

Thank the good sunshine it’s Friday.  It has been a week with good, bad and ugly.  I’m very happy for it to all to just be over with.  I went all day yesterday without any coffee.  I didn’t get the shakes or a headache or anything.   This morning my husband was driving to work instead of riding his bike so I was nice and made him coffee.  So now guess what I’m drinking?  Wahoo, I lasted a whole day.  Maybe I’ll try again on Tuesday.
Since it’s Friday it means that I’m taking a little walk down memory lane over at Candid Carrie’s with her Photo Friday Fiesta or Friday Photo Fiesta or something.  (You can see why I simply say Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday).  Since flashback photo’s seem to be the new It item I pulled out a few of my own.  Of course this is way before they had scanners and digital anything and probably even computers.  I present you three of my highly amusing childhood photo’s!
My Christening  (I was five months old).  Jeez, I could fly with those ears. Unfortunately I never did grow into them.  I did however finally grow some hair.

Check out the chair! Hello, 1970’s! By the way my sister had a matching dress in green and pretty much the same thrilled expression on her face. I would guess I am about 3 or 4 maybe in this one.

And the real beauty picture!  My favorite place – the beach.  My I was a sassy thing wasn’t I?  Yes, that is a deflated vinyl inner tube I’m wearing as a dress.  Some of you said I had fashion sense, as you can see it started when I was young.  I’m probably about 5 or 6 here.
Go to Candid Carrie’s and see who else is embarrassing themselves (or their loved ones) today!
Moving on to Friday’s Feast F2 over at CaJoh’s (btw, did you all see him at Venus vs Mars yesterday??  If you didn’t go check it out!  Sage advice from Mr CaJoh.)
I really like salads for lunch.  I mean big salads with lots of good stuff.  When my son was a baby I ate salad everyday for lunch for over a year.  Not just some lettuce and that’s it kind of salad, no I like real salad.  Here’s my salad and pita I had for lunch yesterday.  Spinach, cherry tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese and Italienisch Krauter dressing.  It’s kind of like creamy Italian dressing.

What I used to put in a salad was any combination of the following:
Spinach or butter lettuce
Cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, colby jack or any or all
Cherry tomatoes
Green or red peppers
Black and green olives
Dressing: Sweet Vidalia Onion (from Costco) or Maple Honey Mustard (Annie’s Farm Organic)
Now if you take all of that and put it in a pita or a soft tortilla, that’s bliss and a great tasting healthy lunch.  What do you like to eat?  Do you have any embarrassing childhood photos to share?  Be sure to stop by Candid Carrie’s and CaJoh today!
And this has nothing to do with this post, except that I am so disgusted I can’t even stand it. And it’s not a joke. I found this at my bloggy friend J’s site Germany Doesn’t Suck (he intro’d me to blogging sorta, he was the very first blogger I started reading and I’ve actually met him several times.) Visit and voice your disgust even if you aren’t living in Europe.

One In Three Ryanair Passengers Vote for ‘Fat Tax’

Ryanair to Consider How to Charge for Very Large Passengers

26 thoughts on “Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday and Friday’s Feast F2

  1. Girl I love those old photos!! My that inner tube becomes you and I soooo remember those lovely chairs. I think we had one that looked quite like that in our den when I was growing up, lol. I wish I still had it…….not!!Guess what Audrey….my daughter is giong to have a baby……I’m going to be a grandmother!!!Wow, I’m still in shock :)Steady OnReggie Girl


  2. I love that super cool flowered recliner you’re sitting in but not as much as your hip inner tube outfit. You really were a forward thinker when it came to fashion. Happy Friday!


  3. You were a very cute girl!!! luches here are usually pita pizza or chicken burgers. I used my George Foreman I got for Christmas to grill the paddies which are non breaded, and then load up on the hotpeppers, lettuce nd tomatoes and then anything that doesn’t fit into the burger or onto the pita pizza will be made into a salad. This time of year I like my salads way more. we go through about 3-4 heads of lettuce every 2wks.


  4. I used to make what I called a “super salad” as a teenager. I got all the lunch meat I could find along with cheese and lettuce and threw it together in a casserole dish. It was huge, but I was a growing boy at the time.


  5. Love your photos! You are soo cute! Now you got me stuck with your salad… I LOVE salads… with everything on them… You mentioned Colby & cheddar cheese…. (Please tell me YES) can you get colby & cheddar in Germany?


  6. The second picture is my fav. I think my parents had that very same chair!Your lunch looked yummy. I had a bbq chicken salad with onions, corn, black beans, tortilla chips, bacon and such. It was fab!


  7. Midlife- Who didn’t have one of those funky chairs? Especially with the avacado carpet and wood panelling. so hip! Congrats Granny! heheCasey -Fashion Forward. I”m telling you the inner tube is going to be all the rage.Crazy – You should read Valerie’s comment. She was afraid I’d bring more pics of her. Not his time.Kyooty – Can I come over for lunch tomorrow??CaJoh – Nothing wrong with a big salad, it’s healthy!FoN – We also ahd a matching green as in avacado green couch. Fo’shizzle (that’s not right is it? I’m trying to learn your lingo)Robin – Sassy. Think I”ve changed much? {snicker}Valerie – I’m sure I do have a pic and can pull it out if you like…American – No to the COlby Jack. If you do, you can expect a visitor at your house tomorrow afteroon. Blonde – So bad it had nipple exposure, lol!Tonya – Old photos can be so fun to look through.Youngblood – That sounds good. Now I’m ungry again and we just ahd popcorn for movie night. HASAY will kick my touch. I’ve missed Yoga three times this week and I put extra butter on my popcorn! lol


  8. That chair rocks! And the food looks good. I’m getting hungry…As for coffee, I drink way too much every day. I probably drink more coffee than water. It’s probably bad for me, isn’t it. Have a great weekend!


  9. I think my parents had that same rust flower pattern on their living room sofa. Ah, the memories. It’s great to see the various shots over the years. I might have to dig up one or two of my own — naw, too scary.Carrie Anne


  10. LOL… those old photos are great. My Grandma had a chair like that one.. :-)That salad looks good …yummm :-)Wow … I read that post about the fat tax …disgusting !


  11. It is so funny, but those young photos of you –I can so see YOUR face now in them We change, but in some ways we really don’t change. and that salad looks delicious!!


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