The Big 400

***My internet moved to siberia but I hope to be back online in the next day or two!***

I am a mere few posts away from hitting 400 posts. That’s kind of hard to believe. I don’t really know why all of you read my blog but I am happy that you do!

Have some cake on me!

I thought I’d do something cool for post 400 but I don’t know what. I could give stuff away. I’ve got lots of things I don’t want just hanging around the house. I could let you ask me whatever you want to know. I could book myself a vacation to Hawaii and meet Crash and Anjeny and all those other awesome Hawaii ladies (and let’s face I do feel Hawaii calling my name!) and you could all come and it’d be one big Bloggerfest party.

That would be a good post 400. Live from Hawaii! It’s Blogging Mama!

In my dreams maybe.

So here’s what I’ll do. On Monday I’ll turn the big 400. I’ve decided that for those of you who actually read this blog you deserve something. I can’t give you all something, I don’t have that much stuff laying around to give away. I’ll list several things below I’d like to give away and things that you can do to make Post 400 a big deal.

  1. Free Movies – I have some dvds still in cellophane that I’ve never watched (US region dvd players only sorry). I’ll give them to you. Simply tell me which one you want (by title in your comments) and I will randomly choose someone to win each of them. I have Along Came Polly and Anger Management up for grabs. I do have Weird Science out of the wrapper (but unwatched) but that one has so many memories from childhood, I really can’t let you have it.
  2. Ask me anything you are just dying to know about me, my life or what it’s really like to live in Germany. I’ll do my best not to lie.
  3. I’ll send you some German chocolate. I can’t be responsible if you live in a hot state and it melts but I have no doubt if you pop the envelope into the freezer for an hour it’ll solidify again. Then tear open the package and enjoy! (be warned most of the chocolate here has traces of nut products so please, be mindful if you have a nut allergy. I don’t want to kill you.)
  4. I’ll pick one of you and send you a grab bag of fun things from one of my favorite stores. I won’t tell you what’s inside but it’ll be really cool just trust me.
  5. Anyone who wants one can have a personally drawn picture from one of my kids. Art for the ages. Chick likes to make circles and Boo likes to draw flowers. You can pick which you’d prefer.
  6. I have this book called “Encyclopedia of Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones” that I bought by accident thinking it was something else. It’s yours if you want it. Free!

Now doesn’t that sound like it’ll be fun?

Leave your comment with one or all of your number choices above for the prize drawing (which will be a random drawing names from a hat kind of thing) and if you are choosing number 2 please leave your question for me as well. I’ll pick several of you to win something and display the winners on post 400. And answer the questions if I should get any.

So come back on Monday and see if you won any of the goodies!

24 thoughts on “The Big 400

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’re having with the Internet. Whenever we run into issues with our connection and I get frustrated, I start getting even more frustrated with myself that I’ve let myself become so addicted or connected to it. I know it is not a ‘need’ but a ‘want’ to be connected, but it takes a lot of self-reminding of this…So congratulations on your 400th upcoming post! That’s exciting! I think one of the reasons I love coming to your blog everyday is because you offer such a rich variety of input for the reader. Whether I am learning something new about writing, enjoying how you write, and/or reading your random thoughts or answers to a prompt, you make me think and that’s what I love about your blog! So thank you!And just in case my name is drawn, I’s select the option of having either of your children drawing a picture for me or my 21 month old! She loves to receive mail and if a drawing done by a child arrived in the mail for her I think it would make her day! Cheers!


  2. Whoo Hoo to #400!!! And I have a question or two. If I were planning a Germany trip in the next year or two – Where would be the top 3 places I must see/do? And where in the states do you plan on moving to when you get back? I loved your house pictures back east. And for the give away – Either a sweet drawing from your kids, or the grab bag from a local German shop!! Or chocolate… LOLHappy 400!


  3. Oh I so know the frustrations of the internet not working I finally had to get a new box for my internet the old one would come in and out all the time…and finally it just went out and never came back on again!!!! Then I realize how much IM addicted to this darn thing!!! Anyway congrats on your soon to be 400th thats awesome. I so enjoy coming to your blog to see whats going on in your part of the world. You always have something great to read. If Im one of the lucky winners. Id pick Anger Management for the movie pick….would LOVE some chocolate!!!! A grab bag is always so much fun…its like christmas time and you just cant wait to tear into it and see whats inside!!!!!! Oh and if no one wants the book “Encyclopedia of Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones” my 10 yr old son would probably think it was pretty cool!!


  4. ACK internet issues! ACK!! ACK!! that’s just scary. Congratulations on coming up to 400th. I’m new to reading so I’ll just keep reading,seems I’ve got some catching up to read.


  5. Oh goodness! How in the world did you get to 400???? I LOVE ALL of the giveaways. I don’t need Anger Management seeing as I already have that one, but if you would ever see fit to give away the Weird Science I am all over that one.Question for you… do you want to live in Germany for the rest of your life? And, what is your favorite part of Germany?


  6. hello from texas! that cake picture is amazing! i’d like to know what sounds animals make in germany. such as, in america a cat says, “meow” and a dog says, “ruff” or “bark” or “how do you do?” and have you ever been to Bramstedt, Germany? that’s my maiden name and a bunch of my relatives went to hunt down ancestors back in the 80’s. sounds cool to me! and does germany have a lot of places for hiking or camping or natural wonders? and can i have a picture from your kids? i LOVE kid artwork! i’ll send you one from my kids, if you want.


  7. Woah, 400 is A LOT of posts, congrats! I did a giveaway for 200 and I felt the same as you… what the hell to give away! Be careful, postage probably isn’t cheap from there!


  8. Congrats, congrats, congrats on your 400th post! That’s fabulous!I wish you well with your internet… I can totally relate to it being down. Arghhhh


  9. What a neat idea! Don't even know how many posts I'm up to!I have a Vicarious Traveler meme because I luv to travel but don't get the chance. I vote for asking what it's like to live in Germany. Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog! I'm taking a break from decluttering right now!Cindi @ Mama Mentor


  10. 400 – that is amazing- I don’t know if I will ever get there b/c I keep deleting so much of my posts!!!!I will take the grab bag though – am I too late?


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