Hopefully Monday

*disclaimer yes this will be full of typos
Monday. This is what T-com has told us after four tries to get an answer (three people claimed not to understand my husband when he called and the other simply hung up on him. Welcome to German 'customer service'). On Monday they've arranged for a tech to check the line and then if needed come to my house if the problem is in the router. Today is Friday and a national holiday (May Day) they also don't work weekends.
I've been disconnected since late Tuesday night and the hard part for us is the internet is like air. At night my husband works from the couch in the living room, obviously without internet this is hard to do. We also do not have tv anymore since we decided not to replace our sattelite dish. The internet is more than just email its our key to weather, news and a lot of other things.
Of course I can still get emails on my phone but just typing this so far, my thumbs hurt.
Anyway I would love it if you would all check out some great events today. At Venus vs Mars I'm talking about Social Media and how we are interpreted so please find the link in my thoughts of the day or in my sidebar or go to http://realworldvenusmars.blogspot.com and leave a comment with your thoughts!
Also there are great Friday events today. Candid Carries Photo Friday, Fridays Feast F2 with CaJoh and What are you wearing? With Tiara's and Tantrums. Please check my sidebar for the links.
I am answering your questions for my Big 400 Post please bump down one post for details on prizes and submitting questions. I plan to giveaway all those things so let me know what you want.
Being disconnected for what will amount to a week is hard. I realize how much I rely on interacting with others via blogs and the internet (more on this at Venus and Mars today) but mostly I miss hearing what funny things the rest of you are up to. Quite possibly internet is my addiction of choice. I am okay with that.
Stars aligning I'll be back sometime Monday. I hope you all have a great weekend!
Blogging Mama Andrea


11 thoughts on “Hopefully Monday

  1. German customer service doesn’t sound all that different from the customer service I get here sometimes! Sorry you’re still stuck without internet.I’ll try to make you feel better: I will be without internet on my trip this weekend AND I have to spend it with my in laws. My FIL is a huge ass so it’s going to be fun fun. Note, sarcasm.Try to have a great weekend sans internet.


  2. Man, I hear ya. Customer service back here has gone to hell in a hand basket as well. And it seems like it happened overnight a few years ago. Now, it’s sad when someone does what they should and they are praised for being nice. Urgh. Hang in there sister. How is you mom?


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