The mighty rip off (and other stories)

Have I told you lately how much I love living in Germany? The ways have grown over the past two days.
This weekend the Boys had a boyscout campout. When they returned Sunday, tired and stinky, we discovered a tic on Boo. We could not get it out so Hubby took him to the local expat friendly recommended emergency room. They looked at it and refused to treat him. Because he's a child. Apparently they don't help kids in need.
Lest you think its an isolated incident three years ago next Monday actually my son then four fell at school and hit his head. It was so bad that by the time I got to school they told me to take him to emergency at this same hospital. My child was vomitting and barely concious, he had a concussion.
After waiting ten minutes they turned us away (as he's vomitting in the background) because they didn't feel comfortable treating a small child.
I'm sorry I thought a hospital treated sick people? Maybe that doesn't translate in German I don't know.
I had to drive all the way to Venusberg hospital 20 mins away. If the school aid hadn't been with me I may have killed someone and I'd be writing from the pokey.
So strike two with Johanifer Hospital. If your ill… Good luck.

Today Mr. T-com showed up to fix the internet. He fiddled with this and that then said we need a new router. Not sure why they die after three years but it seems they do (like many other German electronics we've bought and had to replace, they don't stand the test of time). Tomorrow if I'm lucky a magic piece of paper will appear in my mailnbox that I can then input in order to actually use this fancy new router.
It doesn't come cheap either. I have to pay for the 40 mins he was here and the new router.
100 €
100 € for a router? Yes. I'd like to say that I told him to go leap off a bridge before I'd shell that much for a router that in the US is about maybe 40 bucks?
But that's where they get you. You don't have internet and you want it, pay the piper.

Fingers crossed for happy mail tomorrow and things will be back to normal around here by Wednesday and I can finally have my 400th post party and dole out some prizes. With any luck.


21 thoughts on “The mighty rip off (and other stories)

  1. Oh wow. That’s horrible! Then again, in the US, you would have been turned away for not having the proper health coverage. So there’s that…Hey, have you ever told us why you are in Germany? Sorry if I missed it somewhere along the way.


  2. I find this difficult to believe. We went to the hospital many times with various kiddie ailments and were never turned away. OK, if they think it is not an emergency (tick may fall into this category because tick fever is not very prevalent here compared to America) they might send you to a pediatrician. But a suspected concussion? That is extremely strange.You should have called me before you got the t-com jerks over. Your router is probably fine (they are pretty hardy beasts) and there is no way you should have bought a router directly from the t-com person. Electronic stuff is actually generally cheaper here than in the States, especially if you get it via Amazon.You were had, as far as I can see, and I would try to return the router. (You should be able to do this within 2 weeks)


  3. Ugh! I can’t believe they wouldn’t help him. So what did you do? Did you have to wait until he could see his regular dr?


  4. WHAT –they turned your children away. I would have LOST it!!! That is pure crap-o-la. did you get the tick out?? we really are at the mercy of some people when we need things done, fixed, and all that ——–grrrrr


  5. Wow… that is a HECK of a lot of money for a router… Good luck on getting your computer fixed…And not treating a child at a hospital? Seriously? That’s a new one for me… thank goodness you had other options available. I would have gone ballistic!


  6. That has got to be the most frustrating thing for a parent. I’d love to see what constitutes a real emergency for them! And that’s weird about things breaking over there. I thought German engineering was da bomb or something. I hear Canada is great…


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