The Stand-Off Has Ended


Oh sigh of relief, I have internet again.  The 9 days of the internet stand-off have ended.  I promise never to turn off the computer again.  Cause if I do that the internet may vanish again and that wouldn’t be good for anyone.  I hardly know where to start a lot can happen in 9 days.  For instance:
A boy scout camp-out
a visit to two hospitals
two doctors visits
the reading of four books
watching a lot of movies
I am amazed at how much free time I’ve got when I’m not on here… I’m not going to examine that too closely though.  It’s very nice to be able to see the little green dot below the ‘online’ button on the modem.  I’m in my happy place again.
Prizes and answers to questions will be forthcoming tomorrow Thursday!  I have over 430 posts in my little reader thing, ha so not going to happen.  I’ll try to skim the most recent ones and say hi if I can though.  Thank you to all the people who left comments in the last 9 days that I wasn’t able to reply to.  You really should hook your email to your blogger profile, then I could still reply with a hello 🙂  Thank you to my new three followers as well.  Cool, I didn’t even say much of anything for 9 days and still people are coming over to the dark side.  I appreciate it.
Happy Wednesday!  Sign Language Wednesday will return next week with a video edition so be sure to catch that and come back tomorrow for my 400th Post Party (a little late) and I’ll give away all that super cool stuff.

19 thoughts on “The Stand-Off Has Ended

  1. Yay! Welcome back; we missed you! The couple of times I’ve been without Internet for several days were frustrating times for me, too. Frustrated to not have connection but also frustrated with myself that I was so attached to be connected. Sigh, oh well. That’s the way it is. Looking forward to the 400th post! That’s awesome!


  2. Glad you your back to cyber land. Mine was out this morning and I was sad. I always read emails while eating breakfast.


  3. I, too, know that being without the internet for 9 days would result in more productive days but a serious case of withdrawal. Hmm. Okay, back to more surfing.


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