The Rest of the Answers & Photo Friday

It’s Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday day and yesterday there wasn’t enough space left for these 400th post questions so they are up for comment today.  If anyone was wondering about those cakes yesterday, yep made ’em myself (no I really didn’t, I wish I did though.  Actually they were never anywhere but on my computer screen.  If they had been in my kitchen I don’t think they would have lasted long enough to actually take a picture.)  If you are looking for the list of winners to the giveaway they can be found here 400th Post Winners

So on to the questions:

1. Missty and Dena from Thoughts by Dena shared this question: Where are you moving to and when? 

 I get this one a lot!  We are looking to move back to the mid-atlantic area where we moved from.  We moved from N Maryland/Delaware and my husband has family in PA and NJ.  We love the Philadelphia area and that is an ideal location for us because we like the area, schools in most of the area are great and we are creatures of comfort and habit.  Familiar is good.  It is the longest place I’ve ever lived other than the town I grew up in.  For ten years I called the Philly area home and it would be nice to go back and be a Flyers fan again.  The When?  Officially March 2010.  Unofficially? Anything can happen.

2. Youngbloods4Ever asked me the following and I admit I laughed: Do you want to live in Germany for the rest of your life?  And what is your favorite part of Germany?  

That would be NO to the first question.  Germany has not left the best impression for me and I’d just as soon chalk this up to a worthwhile and interesting 3 plus year experience and move on.  I contemplate ways to get myself kicked out of the country if that answers your question better 🙂

The scenery is very beautiful here.  We live out in the ‘country’ ten minutes from the city but when I look out my living room window (which faces the back of the house and is three stories up) all I see is green hills and trees.  It’s kind of nice actually.  There are lots of nature trails here and outdoor activities. That has made a big difference on getting my family outside which has been really nice.

3. Bex from The Adventures of the Grigg Boys asked me some pretty funny questions.  But when I thought about it she actually did have a good point: What sounds do German animals make?  (paraphrasing sorry, I’m feeling too lazy to go look up the actual way she worded it) Are there lots of outdoor things to do?

I hear cows from my house since they live across the hill from me.  They sound like regular cows to me. The neighbors have a dog and it barks about the same.  I do get what you mean though.  In America you’d say a cow says ‘moo!’ a dog says ‘woof!’  I don’t actually know what kids would say the animal sound is. My son goes to an American International school.  Maybe they say it with a British accent since most English here is spoken that way?  I really don’t know the answer (and darn now I want to know. Pardon me while I go find some neighbor kid to accost!)

Yes!  My town has so many forest trails and bike trails and parks it’s actually overwhelming.  But it’s wonderful.  We can ride all the way from the city out past our house all the way to Koblenz (about an hour away) all on the same path.  It lines both sides of the river.  The best thing about being here is the ability to get outdoors, even though it rains a lot, because there are so many places to go.  If I were to walk out my door, down the street and then about a kilometer down the hill I’d run in to this same path.  I go running down there, we ride bikes, we go for walks; in short moving here has made us much more outdoorsy than we ever were before.  In the city there is a huge pedestrian square with all the shops and no cars are allowed.  You get used to walking to do everything.  I will actually miss being able to head down to the square and walking around on a Sunday (picking up some Pizza Hut and a Starbucks, you know the usual German fare).

It is Candid Carrie’s Photo Friday today.  Today’s photographer is Boo.  He took these first two pictures in Taipei in July 2007 the day before we met his new baby sister.  Self portraits are so cute.  



I am following Pearl’s lead over at Pearly Why you little.. and doing some weekend iPod shuffling.  Here’s what’s in store for my weekend (predict what you will):

Out of my Mind by John Mayer

Come on Come on by SmashMouth

Son of a Sailor by Jimmy Buffett

Ich Flieg mit dem Wind by Rolfs Familen (kids German music)

Lazybones by Harry Connick Jr.

Good weekend yes?

12 thoughts on “The Rest of the Answers & Photo Friday

  1. Had no idea you had ties to Delaware..(I graduated HS in Wilmington- along with Kelly Song for whoever…)The animal sounds ARE DIFFERENT in every country… Dogs. Frogs, cows..roosters… You have to find a German kids to ask.Just thinking you would be CRAZY here in Norway… NO PIZZA HUT (not around us) NO Starbucks & NOTHING is opened on Sunday… I will trade you places.


  2. I’m second over here too! Waoooohhhoooo. I was just second at Shelle’s. I’m never this prompt. Just dropped by to say HI. I missed you while your internet was out. I’m loving my David Sedaris book. Did you ever get one?


  3. I think it would be so great to live in Europe for a few years. But to know I was coming abck to the USA! lol We LOVE to travel, but nothing compares to how great home is – no matter how much we complain about the problems with our country.Love the photo’s!!


  4. now i’m really dying to know what sound the rooster makes! i love kid self portraits – your son and mine look the same, in the camera lens up the nose sorta way.


  5. Yay, I didn’t know you were planning on moving back to the US. Why would I though, I’m not THAT much of a stalker. Or am I? Philly is cool and they have IKEA. Say no more. Woof.


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