Sign Language Wednesday: Video Edition

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another round of Sign Language Wednesday.  Sign Language Wednesday is where you leave me a word in the comments and the following week I take one of those words and find a background that may or may not relate to the word (which I write on a sign) and photograph it.  Simple yes?  I do need more word suggestions so please be sure to leave yours in the comments.
The word today has been suggested several times by the same person.  I believe she in fact said she’d keep telling me to use this word until I did.  We have Natasha from Exile on Mom Street to thank for today’s word, ennui.  Go ahead, you try finding a place to use that one.
Webster’s Online has this to say:


Pronunciation: ˌän-ˈ

Function: noun

Etymology: French, from Old French enui annoyance, from enuier to vex, from Late Latin inodiare to make loathsome — more at annoy

Date: 1732

: a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : boredom

Well the Chick was more than happy to cooperate for the word this week (for which I took the definition of vexation).  Just have a look:

It’s very sad when mommy will only give you four pieces of paper (which you crumble up and destroy) instead of five. Very sad, very ennui inducing indeed. Ten minutes worth of ennui in fact.

How would you use ennui? Have you or your kids used it recently? Be sure to stop by Natasha and thank her for today’s (most challenging) word. Please also leave me some suggestions for next week’s word.

18 thoughts on “Sign Language Wednesday: Video Edition

  1. Ennui! Awesome word for parents of toddlers to know, because we know it well 🙂 Your video is like a mirror copy of my little girl. Why only one vitamin, not two? Why only 30 minutes of Shrek, not 40? Oh it goes on and on and so do her tears! Great Wednesday post Andrea!!


  2. OOO those were crocodile tears!!! You, cruel cruel mommy:PA word?? how about “schnitzel” ???oh big mistake! now i want one:DHappy Wednesday!!!(fellow SITS-ta here and German bloggy buddy..remember me?? just changed my profile photo so don’t get all confused and that:D)


  3. OH, how precious, those little sobs, I just want to give her a hug. Drama Queen –it will serve he well as she grows older. (tee,hee) that was a hard word –never heard it before


  4. I’m sorry, that made me giggle. I remember when I pulled the “give me one more piece of colored paper or I’ll throw a tantrum” stunt! Nice credits in your documentary, btw.


  5. I love that word. And often think of it in terms of the rich. So rich that they are bored with what they could do with themselves. Cause you know that is a major portion of my life. *snort*And I love words. There are just so many great words. My favorite this week is puerile.


  6. I know it’s not nice to laugh at a kid who’s crying, but when it’s so obviously a performance, it’s kinda funny. I have a hard time keeping a straight face when my kids go all dramatic on me.


  7. Thank you everyone for the words, there are some good ones in there! Hmm, now I”m going to have to work to figure them all out.Casey – This is usually a daily show. For some reason she thinks it gets her what she wants. Kimberly – Dram drama drama, remind me never to put our girls in the same room!Natasha – That was a hard one you know! I didn’t even know what it meant at first, lol.Sassy – Hyper Diaper should be imprinted on her butt. Ya think? ;)Petra – She tries.Tiara’s – What you don’t see is the ten minutes of wailing after I turned off the camera. Oh she gets down and dirty when she wants to. Throws herself on the floor and all. I just step around her.Design – I am mean mommy. Hear me roar :)Shelle- Good word!Wendy – Trust me hugging her sometimes is the last thing I want to do. Standing in a corner is usually where I’d like to put her when she gets like that.dadshouse – Her dad started calling her Hot Pocket now too. Poor child, she’s going to need lots of therapy!Kat – You and me both. Wanna be rich together?Captain – Oh tough word. But I like that one. I often tell me children they are one. Therapy, I’ll be paying for that in the future.FoN – You should see some of the other ones I have. Daddy Geek – It’s very hard not to laugh back. The other video of the same day I am laughing so much the camera is shaking. She thinks I’m buying it though. Did she get more paper? Umm, no. An early nap? Yes.


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