Friday and more Friday and more sucky Friday

It’s Friday.  Oh. Yea.  I am not feling all Fridaylicious today.  Baby Chick didn’t even let me think about sleep until three am and then she got up again three more times until we finally got up at seven.  So yea, I’m not feeling the Friday love today.  What I am feeling is tired.  
In need of a coffee drip asap.  Anyone know where I can get one of those?  
I took the night off last night from the computer and work and watched Sneakers.  I love that movie (as I said in the meme CK Lunchbox tagged me for last weekend).  Such a great movie.  We only have it on vhs so the quality was not so good but it’s still a great classic pre-big brotherish flick.  I didn’t get around to saying hi to those who stopped over yesterday so if I get a chance today I will.  I’ve been slacking in this department again lately.
Sometime soon I’ll be appearing over at Zook Book Nook where Kimberly has asked me to guest post.  I was incredibly flattered for the invite.  Kimberly is a writer-mama like me and always has something interesting posted.  Be sure to stop by Zook Book Nook and have a look around. 
If I was feeling Fridaylicious could I link to three different carnivals on the same day if DO all three of them?  I don’t really know about that.  That is one of those grey areas I think.  If I was willing to show you what I was wearing it would be four carnivals.  See this is another one of my ‘issues’.  If I don’t participate in something that I said I’d do or I like to do (even if I’m not feeling it) or an event I’d like others to know about, I feel guilty.  I was going to do this great art carnival yesterday but did Mama Kat’s and then didn’t feel like posting something else too.  The guilt is like ‘they will think I don’t like them’ kind of guilt.  Maybe I’m still upset about the lady at the post office from  yesterday (see PS at bottom of this post for details).
I’m going to give you all the links to all the great events today and participate in none of them. I am just in that great of a mood.
What Are You Wearing? with Tiara’s & Tantrums 
and a new event:
Thank Goodness IFs (TGIFs)!! at Zook Book Nook

Click the links and have fun.

Both my kids are home today because of a nightmare four hour bus ride (ridiculous 36 euro field trip) to some zoo in the Netherlands.  Boo gets carsick (bus sick whatever) and if we paid for this trip that would have made 200 euros we’ve shelled out this year thus far for field trips. So two kids with nothing to do and me with lots to do.  Good times.

I have no idea why blogger spaced out this paragraph and the one above.  I didn’t do it though. This has turned into a rather whiny post instead of the blog carnival festival.  Sorry about that.
I got this award yesterday from a brand-new-to-me blogger.  Aww, thank you!  Design It Chic has such a fun website and she’s in Germany just like me!  Yea!  She knows the joys of a impossibly small fridge, speed trap cameras and no closets!  I sincerely hope she doesn’t know what it ‘s like to be discriminated against for not being German (like I do).  Cause it sucks.
I think that’s plenty of b*tching from me today.  I hope the weekend refuels my happy cells and yours as well.
P.S. Thank you Deutsche Post lady from yesterday in the city.  I really appreciated your non-existent smile while I was mailing my packages.  I’d also like to commend you for barking at me when I asked you, politely and in GERMAN I might add which for me is no easy task, if you could please repeat the amount. I wasn’t sure if you said 42 euros or 44 since Germans say numbers ackbasswards and I have trouble remembering that sometimes.  You didn’t have to yell at me.  I thought about that all tamn day and it nearly sent me to tears.  There’s a lot of things I can put up with but someone being mean to me for no reason isn’t one of them.  So thanks!

18 thoughts on “Friday and more Friday and more sucky Friday

  1. That sucks Andrea. I hate getting yelled at by DP people. There is one mean lady at my local PO and I always stay away from her line. 200 Euros for field trips? Yikes! I guess I know what I have to look forward too very soon. BTW: if this comment shows up, this will be the 1st of like 10 comments that made it through. My comments aren’t sticking for some reason.


  2. Oh dear! This sounds a lot like my days..even tough i have no kids to look after..(which i bet it makes it double harder)..but being surrounded by Germans(living in a German neighborhood)…heck yeah i know how it feels to be discriminated… I very often find myself in the position of not wanting to go alone anywhere because at some point some stupid Germans yelled at me when i wasn’t speak 100% grammatically correct in their stupid language!!.. i wonder if I’d ask them to speak English how would they react(i have to add Germans are so lame at speaking other languages..not even English)So i hear ya sista’!!!Seems like after all I’m not in a “Fridaylicious” mood either:P Can i join your club??Hope you’ll get rested tough and things will work better on Saturday! *hugs*


  3. I’m so sorry that someone was mean, for no reason at all. No matter what there’s always a reason to be nice to someone especially when you are in the service industry. This isn’t though the first time I’ve heard of German issues when it comes to service. I have an online German friend how has issues as well, and she’s German!


  4. What a rough start to Friday for you! I hope the weekend gets better. Despite being a rough day, you wrote a fantastic post! I was laughing during it (and feeling very sympathetic, too), but you are a great writer, especially when it comes to witty humor. Now on to the little ones: my toddler has been waking up at 2 a.m. crying out for a “hot dog” but wanting more than just that. She stays awake for 1-2 hours, wanting to read books. Why? Why do they wake up or stay up so late into the night?I hope you get to catch up on your sleep soon!


  5. Luckily, my Friday is almost over, but I was nearly rearended by a Jeep Grand Cherokee when I was stopped at the red light who had the nerve to then flip me off when she (yes, SHE.. I would expect this more from a man)caught up to me at the next one. Pass the coffee? 🙂


  6. Yelli – I get hat it’s the post and who would want to work there? But geez! I’ve comment trouble recently too. Joys of blogger.Natasha -I’m going running tomorrow even if it rains. I need to kick this very bad mojo to the curb.Design – Yes, please. It’s a small club but then when we get a pitcher of sangria, that just means there’s more for us ;)Cameron – You’re not sleeping either huh?Robin – I know, I thought that one up on the spot. I think I really like it too.Val – You said it!Kyooty – It is sad when even Germans are up in arms about the service. Or very much lack there of.Sassy – Sorry you saw me on a bad day.Kim – You flatter me as always but thank you. Humor is my best weapon. Hot dog? Really?Blonde – No biggie, I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.Sprite’s – Don’t you love road rage? How did we ever live without it? I’ve got your drip ready, come on over.Dadshouse – I really do enjoy doing the carnivals. We are always trying to harass males into posting at Venus. Careful or you will be next…


  7. Who the hell schedules a four hour bus ride for kids that young? Insane in the membrane, I tell ya. Here’s to your chicklet letting you sleep sometime soon.


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