I didn’t want to…

Leave such a sad whiney post up through the weekend.  So heres the rest of the Friday, both good and bad.
The shower broke Thursday night.  The landlord came by on Friday and via my Kleine Deutsche and his nonexistent English he’ll bring back the bar that actually keeps the shower head in place sometime next week.  Stellar!
We received a 667 euro refund from our landlord for overpayment from Dec to March of city services (water and something else I can’t remember). Very cool. We thought about hopping a plane to my ancestral homeland of Scotland or popping down to Milan for some gelato but then figured hey, why not save it?  It sucks to be boring.
We did decided to splurge and ordered Hallo Pizza.  I love pizza delivered by a Smart car.  That an a very nice Cabernet and the night was set.
Baby Chick didn’t sleep at. all. last night.  I logged a total of 45 minutes on an egg crate mattress in her room.  When hubby came down at 8 this morning I went back to bed for a few hours.  Chick spent the entire three hours between driving to Toys R Us and back crying.  She even cried all through the store while holding her Birthday Barbie.  I put her in her room and I am pretty sure she’s passed out now.  She not making any noise at least.
Alright, it’s 4:25, I’m due for my nap and maybe suckering Hubby into making dinner.  It shouldn’t be too hard to do.  I wouldn’t trust me near the stove in a million years right now.

13 thoughts on “I didn’t want to…

  1. I agree with Theresa. I just can’t function with no sleep! I love Cabernet. It has been my drink of choice lately, although I did have a nice glass of Merlot last weekend.


  2. Yum Pizza! Hmmm…maybe I’ll talk hubby into going and picking up one for us tonight for dinner. Sorry Chick isn’t sleeping very well. 😦


  3. pizza. i’m like a dog when it comes to pizza. i keep eating and eating well beyond the point of feeling full, stuffed or even sick. this is the only food i do that with. i’m sure that after a lot of hot pizza and some wine you wanted to crash. maybe give baby chick some wine? you live in europe after all.


  4. Yay for bonus money! What’s wrong with the chick? Your description sounds like our ear infection days.. nobody was sleeping around here. I hope things are better soon!


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