Triple Play Monday

It’s Monday and I’ve got a lot going on today.  I’m reporting here on 

Venus and Mars
about my progress in Club HASAY. Leave some love here today.
I’m also talking Men, Women and Shopping over here today:  
Venus and Mars
Stop over at Venus vs Mars to give your opinion on the differences.
And I am guest posting over at   

At Zook Book Nook I’m posting about what it’s like to be a mom and a writer and how to juggle the two.  I hope you stop over and say hello.
Okay Club HASAY.  After last week’s heckling and yelling (that I asked for, thank you everyone!) I did much better.  I did this several times this week:
Yoga sidestretch
standing side stretch my favorite, shame that’s not the background I get to do yoga in though

The weather did not cooperate enough for me to run this week (again).  It’s a new week and there’s new hope.
I did slack and ate some of these however:

I also ate a double helping of meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner last night.  Then we went to the movies (Angels and Demons) where thankfully they don’t sell salt and butter popcorn only sweet popcorn (retch).  That is one thing I can say I didn’t succumb to.
But I did make my husband take my picture with his cell with this famous guy (this is for you Crash):
The movie was great.  Love Tom Hanks!  Excellent movie, I would recommend seeing it. But then I like action flicks.  Of course the book provided so much more detail and they couldn’t work it all in but still, thumbs up from me. * For my German readers, have you ever gone to a movie in original language and had the German subtitles at the bottom?  They did that for this movie and it was really distracting.  All the others I’ve seen in original language they haven’t had subtitles.  I am wondering if this is a new thing or what.
So while I progressed in some area’s I fell again in others.  I think HASAY should make some motivational tapes you could listen to while sleeping.  We’d all do really well then.  
Are you HASAYing?  Did you meet your goals this week?  Either way keep at it!
And please, go say hello over at my other postings today!

24 thoughts on “Triple Play Monday

  1. You look cute with the panda. Thanks for the review on Angels and Demons. I felt the same way about the DaVinci Code. I read the book first and didn’t think the movie was as detailed. I don’t think I could have passed up the Oreos either.


  2. Thanks for guest posting at my blog today Andrea! Whew, it was a busy Monday for you with blogging 🙂 I wish all of our typing on the keyboard with our fingers equated to a full body workout, but the closest I come to it is standing up occasionally to stretch! I’m off to Venus vs. Mars now.


  3. That would be a very strange way to watch a movie! I read the book, and am wondering if I would like to movie. It got a bad review, but I generally don’t pay attention to reviews!


  4. Are you volunteering to make those motivational tapes? If so, I'm on board with that plan.You're too cute with your panda friend. We're going to see A&D whenever we get our next date night. At the rate my kids are sleeping, it should be a few years. I read the book though and it was great.


  5. Oh, those Oreos look YUUUUUMMY!And they released Angels & Demons in Germany already? I thought movies got released in Europe months later? Glad you were able to enjoy!


  6. Oooo so much work around your blog:)Generally when we go to movies, we go to the English version, cause we hate those German dubbing voices.. they ruin all the jokes and the whole plot with their intonation 😛 But everytime we went to the English version we didn’t have subtitles.. yet some American shows that are on MTV Germany come in English,but they do have German subtitles… it’s weird i know:) but hey, that’s another proof of how lame Germans are :DHappy Monday!


  7. Can’t wait to see ANgels and Demons. Heard it was better than davinci code. I’ve read both books so looking forward to it. And I’m with you on the sweet popcorn. What’s that all about?!


  8. All I have time for today. Big mondo STUFF going on in the home front:Angels and Demons – See it.Oreos are evil, I agree, so I simply bought more of them today. Think I need to switch stores…They also had the entire Simpsons family on a bench (life size!) but I’m not really a big fan.


  9. Cpt. Dumbass Mom here, loved yourideas for littlest Dumbass.Someone else who loves the Harry Potter Series! As for Angels and Demons, fantastic book. I’m reading it for the 4th time. Think it wasas good as, if not better thanDaVinci Code. Dan Brown also wrote a book called Digital Fortress. It was excellent.He’s apparently nearly finished another book and I can’t wait toread it!enjoyed your blog.


  10. I swear oreos were put on this earth by the evil side 😉 I would say you are one busy blogging gal. thanks for letting pop over here from another blog we both read and have a peek around.


  11. I would love to try more YOGA. I need to read the book Angels and Demons, seems to be all the Buzz right now. I loved the DaVinci Code. I’ll head on over now to Venus VS Mars.


  12. Captain's Mom – I'm so honored you came by my blog. 🙂 It's worked very well for us so hopefully it'll work for them. And yes I love HP, I'm waiting for my son to get older so I can read it with him. I'm going to re-read A&D when I get a chance.Jules – Pop by anytime. Blogs always open (kind of like a diner in Jersey…)Crash – Panda was just for you ;)Debbie – Getting fit is what I'm after. I just want to be healthier.Wendy – You'll love the book. And yoga it up!


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