Random Tuesday Thoughts: Death of an Oreo

Wahoo! It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts! with Keely at the Un-Mom.  It’s one of my favorite days to spew random stuff and have it actually count as being sensible.  Please join me in the craziness and then head over and visit Keely and the other random players.
I used to follow this great blogger at A Nut in a Nutshell.  But she hadn’t posted in two weeks (and she used to post several times a day sometimes) and I figured she was on vacation.  When I went to her blog to see what was up it was gone!  Nicht gut.  Anyone know what happened to her? If so please leave me a comment or email me.

I posted this yesterday but it needs to be reiterated: Grocery stores are evil.  At the end cap of the frozen foods section the other day I found these:


And you seriously expect me not to buy them?  After the yelling from HASAY last week you dangle these babies in front of me?  Don’t worry I wasn’t stupid.  I bought them and ate them (not all on my own though…) {ahem, umm, I may have bought some more yesterday when I was at the store but I think I am going to blame it on the Chick, yeah, that’s it}

Do you ever leave a comment somewhere that you then want to go back and see if the person answered your question with a comment of their own.  But you can’t remember where you left the comment??  Crap, it’s just me then huh?  Dang it.  Whoever I told the hookers story to leave me a comment okay? 
*Due to high demand the hooker story will be appearing tomorrow.

Why is it that even though I have a pounding headache I still sit in front of the computer?  And when it finally goes away I immediately sit down in front of it again so it comes back?  What is wrong with me?  (That’s a purely rhetorical question, thanks.)

Why does my handwriting go to chicken scratch when I need it to be nice for a note or card and when I am just writing in a notebook for me it’s all loopy and neat and pretty? I mean really. People must wonder which kid I let write my letters for me.

I am a dork.  I got so excited when I came across embroidery thread (or floss? I don’t know which it is) the other day at Knauber.  You know the stuff you used to make friendship bracelets with back when you were about 12?  You know, the ones you made at summer camp?  You follow?  I bought four colors of thread.  It all started when my son made me a lanyard in cub scouts for mothers day which I also used to make at summer camp!  Ahh, memories.  So, who wants the next bracelet?  Anyone? {this is what happens when you no longer have tv}

My mom started radiation yesterday for breast cancer and she was kind of bothered that she would have to get a permanent tattoo where they mark you for the treatment.  I told her when the treatment was all done I’d take her to get a real tattoo to cover it up.  We could get matching ones. Surprisingly she didn’t think I was all that funny.  

How do you cut your sandwich?  Rectangles or trianlges?  Do you cut toast the same way or different?  Do you like the crust? 

Chick’s turning three on Thursday. (someone else is NOT turning three next week)  Where did the time go?  She will be getting The Bike, lots of her favorite Tinkerbell stuff, a pop-up tent and her first Barbie.  Look for pictures on Friday.  I’m also in charge of baking the cake.  Wish me luck.

Calling all photographers!  How do I get a picture to 300 dpi?  Is it a camera setting?  Mine are all coming out 180 and I need a 300 for printing.  Many thanks!

Anyone else have a rogue Blackberry? Am I not paying for this thing to work correctly?  Did I not get it so that it would keep an accurate calendar?  Then why won’t it delete the appointments I cancelled two weeks ago?  They keep showing up on the main screen eclipsing the appointments I’ve added since.  Really what’s the point?  Sometimes I have no idea why I love technology.

That’s all the random fit for this edition.  Be sure to go to Keely’s and say hi and post your own random thoughts.  (And I apologize in advance for the Oreo picture.  If I have to suffer with looking at them, so do you.)
And I just noticed I forget to link to Ms HASAY creator yesterday.  I’m sorry!  So Casey here you go VISIT CASEY MS HASAY!!

30 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Death of an Oreo

  1. OK if you’re going to plop a picture on there, can you atleast show the Nutritional info side? 🙂 I’ve not been groceryshopping for the big list for about 10wks now, so haven’t seen these. sandwiches, I ask the kids how they want them cut, one little one wants it cut into squares.


  2. Great post! So many thoughts to think about :)I was baffled about A Nut in a Nutshell’s disappearance, too. Here’s a link from Mama’s Losin’ It’s blog about what happened: http://mamakatslosinit.blogspot.com/2009/04/writers-block-addressed.html .I miss BlueViolet’s blog, but hopefully she is happier now.I find it annoying too when I can’t remember where I commented on someone’s blog. I get so many emails (spam and regular) that I don’t want to sign up on every blog to be notified when an additional comment is made after mine, but maybe for the comments I’m really interested in I should do that. I laughed when I read about the embroidery floss; my soft spot is knitting yarn. We have an entire closet full of skeins of yarn. I’m slowly using it, but I have definitely overindulged in buying yarn!I hope your mom’s radiation treatment is not to hard on her and that it is successful.I imagine it is hard on you to be so far away from her, so I hope you get to see her soon. We were living in Japan when my hubby’s mother went through something similar and we tried to fly back to PA as often as possible, but it’s hard when you live in another country. She’ll be in my thoughts with hopes for a good recovery.


  3. Happy birthday to the Chick!Tell mom I’m thinking and praying for you. For all of you. I suggest a pink ribbon tattoo when it’s all said and done.Grocery stores are WAY evil. I’m trying my hardest each week to stick to the list!


  4. I was wondering about Blue Violet, too. Thanks for posting the question!My mom and I thought about getting matching tattoos on our mastectomy sites, but then she chickened out. Turns out it was OK, because then I met my husband to be, who hates tattoos! (I’m sure he would have married me anyway.)I hope your mom is doing well!


  5. ahem-I think I’d like to hear more about this hooker story! And around here, our sammy’s are not cut into squares or triangles, they are cut into pretty shapes, like hearts or flowers. 🙂 Funny about the friendship bracelets, my girls made those at camp last year! Great fun.


  6. Ha, I didn’t even notice if you didn’t link but no worries. I’m not a glory hog. Duck and Wheel With a String did a post about Nut in a Nutshell and I think she commented over there saying where she went. I wasn’t familiar with her but I heard ramblings about her disappearing. Lay off the damn Oreos. Now! Got it? I’ll send you my address if you need a place to send them to get rid of them. My handwriting gets worse and worse the more I type. It sucks, will our kids actually NEED to learn handwriting?


  7. I have the same issues with handwriting when I want it to be stellar it sucks… 🙂 I think typing too much on the computer has left me out of practice to actually write things IRL… ;)I usually don’t cut my own sandwiches, but Princess Nagger will opt for diagonal, straight, or wants it cut with the little pastry cutter thingy I have to make it into a little ‘pie’ sandwich.Those oreos look evilly delicious… :)Blueviolet decided she was spending way too much time online and not enough time with her family – so she decided to kick it cold turkey…but she did back up her blog in case she decided to make a comeback at a later date. I still get an email from her now and again letting me know she’s doing great. But I still miss her. Good luck with your mom’s chemotherapy – I’ll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.Happy RTT! 🙂


  8. I feel called upon to answer your question about the photo resolution: it is better to look at the pixel dimensions of your picture– the rule of thumb is to multiply the measurement in inches of the print you want to make by 300 (actually, 200 is often enough), and that gives you the pixel number.So if you want a postcard size print, that is, 4 inches by 5 inches, multiply 4 x 300= 1200 and 5 x 300= 1500 so you need a picture with the dimensions at least 1200×1500 pixels.If your picture files are smaller than this, check your camera settings (I am sure your camera is capable of at least twice this).If you have any questions feel free to send me an email (give me the name and model camera you have).


  9. 300 DPI = camera setting. Make sure you are taking pics at the highest resolution you can on your camera. You can always “downsize” a photo later.Blackberry– you may need to do a reset of your device. Call your provider if the take-the-battery-out-for-two-minutes trick doesn’t work.


  10. I’m so sorry about your mom’s bout with cancer. I lost my mom to that horrible disease 9 years ago. I pray she caught it early and that she beats it!!! I remember my mom feeling the same way about the tattoo. Instead, they offered her a “dye” to make the spots. It was some sort of chemical reaction solution that left black spots on her skin as markers and would eventually fade away. My aunt had breast cancer at the time, too, and went the tattoo route. Comparing, my mom wished she’d had the tattoo. The mark is more precise and itty bitty, while the dye/stain is a bit larger. The reality is, you do anything to save your life, right? I hope you are able to be an encouragement to her as she faces this exhausting time.


  11. good luck with the cake! how fun! looks like all your other fabulous commenters let me off the hook with the DPI q. its like i have a day off or something!


  12. You had to put the Oreo pic up!? I’m just on my way out the door to go buy my weekly supply of Lean Cuisine. Thanks.lol.My thoughts are with your mom. My dad had chemo for lung cancer many years back and it wasn’t pleasant. But he’s still here so it worked. Have fun baking the b-day cake and Happy Birthday Chick.


  13. Happy 3rd to the Chick!Triangle sandwiches in this house.Hooker story??? Fess up!BlueViolet…..I miss her as well. Rumor has it that she still checks out blogs and posts comments and the like but….under a different name so we may never know…..


  14. First of all… Happy Birthday to your daughter. Chick.Second of all… make sure your camera settings are on the HIGHEST resolution. If you have photoshop you can change your dpi to whatever you want to print. It will tell you if the quality isn’t good enough.But first check your camera setting.My daughter likes her sandwich cut in squares. I don’t cut toast!


  15. Kyooty – Nutritional info, it’s all Braille to me, ;)Kim – Thank you for the info link. I’m just glad nothing bad had happened to her.Natasha – Please, June? Plenty of time!Sara – That’s the joy of Random Tuesdays!Cindi – I actually like IRL cards though I rarely send them anymore.Sassy – I like the ribbon idea, nice. May have to work that in.Ginny – I think pink ribbons sound nice. Maybe we should all get one…Robin – I know hookers And would you believe that word came from a 3 year old?Val – I’m sure you would! Hearts and flowers? Boy my kids get the raw end of the stick.Casey – Linked you my dear. Can’t let HASAY down. Even though my MOTHER sent me or rather my kids Oreo stick straw things today. Oreos like crazy around here. Must eat the fruit instead!!Stacy – It’s computers I tell you and all this new fangled technology stuff, lol. If I cut Boo’s sandwich wrong I had better be making another. Yep, he’s OCD about sandwiches.Vailian – emailed ya, thanks!Green Jello – Emailed you and thank you for the help!Tisra – She just wants to do what she can and get it over with. July 8th is the last day.Bex – you can still answer ya know….Heather – Okay hooker story coming up tomorrow :)Theresa – Think oreo when you buy lean cuisine. Think oreo… okay maybe I’m not helping here.Swoozie – My Kids are triangles kid. I don’t eat sandwiches but I rectangle toast.Simple – Finally, been wondering if that buffalo ate you… 🙂 Glad to see you back.Shelle- Don’t cut toast? Hmm, I don’t if I can trust someone who doesn’t cut toast…lol


  16. I read on another blog that A Nut in A Nutshell just got bloggy burn out. She choose to delete it – nothing bad happened.It’s kind of a crazy thought no?Happy random Tuesday.


  17. Funny randoms! I would totally say the same thing about a tattoo to my mom. On the rare occasion I make a sandwich for myself, it’s always cut in triangles but for my 2yo, she won’t eat them unless I cut them into a shape with a cookie cutter. *bangs head onto desk for starting that habit.*


  18. I am a triangles sandwich girl myself, although i love toast in squares, I know oddness right? And I definitely will be back tomorrow to hear that hooker story!


  19. Yes! I have been wondering what happened to Nut in a Nutshell. Thank you. Now that I have a kid I’ve gotten all goofy with my sandwich cutting. I hate crust. I wish someone would figure out a way to bake bread without crust. well, except on french or Italian bread.


  20. I stalk so many blogs and link from one to another that I get so mad when I forget to bookmark. There are a few that I have never been able to find again and I want to kick myself.PS My handwriting always looks like chicken scratch. That is why I heart typing. No one can tell I have handwriting that is worse that a doctor’s.


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